I Photographed My Friends During Our Trip In The Most Beautiful Places In Iran

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During the two weeks we made a trip through the whole Iran. We made over 3000 km with route looks like a loop – from Tehran, to Isfahan, then to Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, islands – Qeshm and Hormuz, Yazd and finally again to Teheran. We travel in group – only 3 girls – but on the road we meet so many cheerful people, and for some parts of our journey they join to us. For example one German guy which cycled from Germany to Iran and wanted to catch a ferry from Bandar Abbas to Dubai and take a flight to South-East Asia.

At first I didn’t expect nothing special about Iran. But with the time spending in this country I feel so amazed by its undiscovered beauty! With beautiful architecture and such a raw but amazing landscapes.

For me the highlight of the trip was Qeshm island. Totally unknown! I barely find some info about it before our travel. The landscapes there was so unique – those shapes! – that I definitely want to go back there.

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Ali in Stars Valley on Qeshm island

Mirrored mausoleum of Seyed Alladin Hussein

We found it by an accident! We needed to wear chador here and we could reach only part for women.

Ali and Monika in Chahkooh Canyon – “chahkooh” in Farsi means “mountain with wholes”. They looks unrealistic!

Pink Mosque in Shiraz – one of the most popular one in Iran

Natalia in Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the most popular in Isfahan, because it is on cover of the most famous guide for travelers

Ali laying on cliff on Hormuz island, some of rocks there have look like animals

Julian in ancient Persepolis

Natalia on the rooftop in Yazd

Julian, Natalia, Ali and Monika on the beach of Banadar Abbas during little sandstorm

Monika walks through Rainbow Valley on Hormuz island

One of the richest in colors, you can find here red, orange, white, green, blue and grey mountains and rocks in so many shapes!

Monika in Chahkooh Canyon

Natalia in shop on Vakil Baazar, one of the most famous places in Shiraz

Natalia in Jameh Mosque, one of the biggest one and the oldest one in Isfahan

Ali in Stars Valley on Qeshm island, one of the most extraordinary example of unique erosion process

The name of this place is because locals belive that if stars fallen and hit in the ground – the ground will rise up and with frozen movement it will be looks like this – like Stars Valley.

Ali in Rainbow Valley on Hormuz island

Night view of Tehran from surrounding hills

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