I Motorbiked 3500 Kilometers All Across Vietnam And It Was As Amazing As You Think

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I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling around the world in which time I motorbiked tens of thousands of kilometers in many different countries.

I’m extremely happy I was finally able to motorbike all across Vietnam and I want to share my story with you!

In the past few years I motorbiked tens of thousands of kilometers in many different countries around the world

To the mountains of India

Across 20 different countries in Europe

All around the beautiful island of Taiwan

Across the many wonderful islands of Indonesia… and a lot more

But it’s always been a dream of mine to motorbike all across Vietnam, so… I flew to Ho Chi Minh, bought a really old Vietnamese bike

And motorbiked 3500 kilometers in just 23 days

The views were generally really nice

Though some roads were quite tough to cross

Those days I’d generally have to wash all of my clothes, my bags and obviously my motorbike

But I didn’t mind, because throughout the trip I did a lot of awesome hikes

Explored some of the most re-known caves in the world

Made some really cool friends

Mingled with the locals (always as pleasantly as here)

Went on boat rides

And a lot more!

Unfortunately I crashed my motorbike on the last day of the trip, dislocated my thumb and had to get plastered for 3 weeks!

It was definitely an unexpected end of the trip, but I had absolutely no regrets, since it had been amazing – exactly the way I had expected it to be!

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