I Create Jewellery That Lets You Wear Pieces Of Earth

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How can a gemstone impersonate a natural scenery so well? may be not a coincidence after all..?

I like the idea of owning jewelry that isn’t mass produced. Generally you don’t “need” jewelry, you wear jewelry because you think it makes you feel unique, you build an emotion with your jewelry and depend on them to personalize your look. But how can that be achieved if your piece is worn by thousands of people that own the exact piece you do? The idea of Analogie is that every piece has a unique story behind it. Its never just a piece of jewelry, its a memory that is unique to you, and only you.

Analogie’s latest collection is inspired by unworldly places on planet Earth. The idea is bringing those places into a piece of jewelry that you can own, which is normally not possible. Let’s say you got to Turkey, at the Pamukkale hot springs, you bathe, you take pictures, you play games, but that’s really all there is to be done. Analogie takes it a step ahead to give you the opportunity to own a wearable version of it.

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The Dongchuan red lands in China

The Dongchuan red lands in China have soils highly rich in minerals, particularly copper, the land turns into picturesque red valleys before new crops are planted

The Gem-ini of the Dongchuan lands is the gemstone Unakite

It has quite a unique distribution of colors that is just as segmented as the Dongchuan fields

Auroras are light emissions of varying color and complexity that happen at the Earth’s poles

A striking display of diffused glow paints the sky like a canvas of jewel tones. Photo by Daniel Otis

Just like Auroras, Fluorite the gem has an exquisite natural display of colors and has been dubbed “The most colorful mineral in the world”

Fluorite nicely mimics the Aurora through the diffused intermingling bands of colors throughout the gem

Fluorite is the gemstone that the term ‘Fluorescent’ was named after

Pamukkale is a series of steps of hot springs that have bubbled up from the ground

Pammukkale is situated in Turkey and it translates into “Cotton Castle”. The frothy-looking limestone steps vary in depth creating the varying intensities of sky-blue. Photo by Antoine Taveneaux

The selected gemstone for this mesmerising scenery is Larimar

It traces the organic white contours of the limestone gracefully while enclosing the beautiful blue gradients of the pools

Hutt Lagoon is a salt lake in Australia that flaunts a pink color that is created by the carotenoid-producing algea

Salt concentric ripples are seen at the shore of the lake. Photo by Adrian Hlynka

Rhodochrosite comes to accentuate those concentric ripples

The gem has a unique pattern that captures the delicate arcs of salted sands

Dallol is a landscape in Ethiopia consisting of green acid ponds

These ponds are hot springs that release several minerals and active live halophile algae which give the ponds their colors. Photo by Giuseppe Di Rocco

Agate was the chosen gemstone for the Dallol scenery

It portrays the ponds nicely with its framed opaque shell, preserving a translucent glassy feel on the inside

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