How To Wear Knee High Boots

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If confidence were a shoe it would be a knee high boot. There’s just something about them that makes any outfit turn heads – even if you have just paired them with your skinny jeans and a plain white tee (with or without Ketchup stains). But what about puling off boots, bare pins and an oversized cable knit a la Gigi Hadid? *Gulp* Here’s all the style inspiration you need, from the girls who were born to walk this life in knee high boots.

In life, a girl’s got to lie once in a while. We lie to get where we want and what we want and that goes for buying stuff too. Take the humble knee high boot for example: Of course we don’t need them, we’ve got umpteen pairs of Chelsea boots to see us through the crappy transeasonal weather, but that won’t stop us from categorising them as a wardrobe “staple” and therefore a totally practical purchase, now will it? Ok, if the shoe fits, we’re liars but for what it’s worth, our knees have never looked so well put together…

From styling them over everyday jeans, to debuting the pins in an oversized jumper sans tights, here’s a look at how fashion’s most on-fleek girls are getting their knee high kicks.

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