How to Survive Going Back to Work after Vacation

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How to Survive Going Back to Work after Vacation

Sometimes you know that waiting/dreaming about your next vacation is better than reprising the one you’ve just returned from! You’re feeling stressed all the time and can’t work at all. It isn’t easy to get back into a routine. Here are some cool ways that can help you get over the “post-vacay blues”.

1. Think about your next vacation1. Think about your next vacation
Planning a vacation is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Think where you want to go and what you want to see. Make a plan, take a look at prices and narrow it down to 3-4 travel destinations for your next vacation. You can make photos of your dream places and put them up in your work area. It’ll inspire you. Dream big!

2. Listen to music2. Listen to music
Research shows that listening to music leads to a greater quality of life and instantly put you in a good mood. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to it on the way to work or during your working day if you can. Before going to bed listen to relaxing music, for example, sea sounds. Music is a good therapy and helps create a positive environment. You’ll get power for the whole day thanks to your favourite music.

3. Food for mood3. Food for mood
Your nutrition is an important part after vacation. At first, because we don’t really pay attention on it during vacation, because we want to sample a bigger variety of tasty food and we’re not always thinking healthy. There are some mood-boosting meals that will make you feel better: salmon, fruits, yogurts, dark chocolate, chicken, spinach, eggs. Drink smoothies and water with lemon and cucumber. You’ll feel fresh and full of energy.

4. More Social Get-Together4. More Social Get-Together
Spend more time with friends and relatives. Try to meet not at home, but outside. Go to dinners, have a picnic with friends, go to the cinema, go bowling or do a climbing wall. Try to share your travel experiences with colleagues, friends, write an inspiring post on Facebook about your trip. A good idea is to make a themed party! It’ll boost your mood and you’ll return faster to your way of life.

5. Hobby5. Hobby
It can be something simple: painting classes, cooking classes, reading/writing poetry, attending wine and cheese tastings, candle making, digital photography, flower arranging, soap making… Just choose what you like the most! You can organize something like this by yourself and gather your friends.

6. Sports and sex6. Sports and sex
These two ways can easily distract you from post-vacation blues. Spend more time with your beloved, make romantic evenings (and hot nights as well). Crossfit, fitness, yoga will help you to forget about a lot of problems. Set a goal and achieve it.

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