How To Do A Hair Bun

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How To Do A Hair Bun

We all have those mornings when we don’t really feel like spending our time on styling loose hair and matching the right outfit to it. But still we want to look stylish with no effort. Buns are the perfect way to avoid a bad hair day. There are many different ways to wear them without looking old fashioned or boring. And they are really easy to do!

Here are the top 5 hair bun tutorials that work almost with any hair. They prove that even comfort hairdos can look glamorous and stylish. Some of these tutorials are very simple and some are a little more involved but any girl will surely handle them. Don’t hesitate and take a chance to experiment with the most interesting hair bun ideas. Get inspired and you’ll surely be the ultimate fashionista!



How To Do A Hair Bun1. Simple hair doughnut

Let’s start with the simplest one! To achieve an ultra-volumized bun you can use a mesh styling doughnut or a homemade hair doughnut made from a simple sock. If you want to make a sock doughnut by yourself, follow these steps:

– Match your sock to your hair color;
– Cut the toe end of your sock;
– Roll it down beginning from the top. The sock will form to a doughnut shape. Your DIY hair doughnut is ready for use.
Now let’s make a bun!
Make a classic ponytail and slide the mesh (or sock) doughnut onto it. Tease your ponytail in sections adding texture and spray to each section. Roll the sections inward and tuck them under the doughnut. Spray and pin your bun as needed. That’s it!

How To Do A Hair Bun

2. Braid into bun tutorial

Can’t decide between a braid or a bun? Combine them!
Part the hair down the middle, section each side and French braid both sections. Secure them with a hair tie. Then you need to take both braids and combine them with the remaining hair into a ponytail. Make a smooth bun following our first tutorial and fasten your bun with pins. Enjoy your wonderful braided bun!

How To Do A Hair Bun3. Low side bun tutorials

This is a super easy tutorial that works for most hair lengths and takes only 5 minutes. To achieve a gorgeous looking hairdo, follow these steps: part the hair to the side where you want to place your bun. Create a side ponytail, secure it with a hair tie. Then create a plait, secure it and wrap it around the ponytail tie into a bun shape. Secure your bun with a hair tie and pins and spray it. Your stylish low side bun is ready.

How To Do A Hair Bun4. Simple hair bow bun tutorial

This is an amazing hairstyle that you can wear for a great everyday look a well as for special events. This beautiful bow won’t leave anyone indifferent! It guarantees you’ll get raves from your friends and maybe even strangers!
It’s simple, it’s easy! Start with a high, loose ponytail. Pull your hair halfway through the last tie. Flip the tie to the other side, repeat leaving a small tail. Grab the loop of hair with both hands and separate into two equal parts, secure them with pins. Now you can take the tail and fold it over the middle, pin it. Then tug the loops until you have a beautiful perfectly shaped hair bow bun.

How To Do A Hair Bun

5. Doulbe rope twisty bun

This tutorial will help you add some volume and texture to your bun hairstyle and make it look more special. Make two ponytails using thin ponytail holders which are close to your hair color. Then make both ponytails into rope braids. Tie them with small elastic bands. Use your fingers to loosen the ropes up and give them more volume. Take both ropes and wrap them around the base elastic bands of your ponytails and secure them in place with bobby pins. You can curl any loose pieces framing your face or add an over all veil of hairspray to achieve a more sleek look.

How To Do A Hair Bun

6. Cotton candy bun

This is a slightly messy bun, but sure is fun to do! It’s so stylish and perfect for hot summer days. Here’s what to do. Brush your hair and make sure that it’s nice and smooth where nothing is going to catch. Then pull your hair up into a super-high ponytail. Do NOT use any beauty products – just work with your natural hair. Use two hair ties to add extra volume to your ponytail. Then, using a brush, add more volume by backcombing your hair. Don’t forget to back comb the hair ends for a “messy” effect! Twist the hair inwards, section by section.

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