How to breastfeed your baby?

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To breastfeed successfully, it really does not matter where and how you sit or lie down. All that matters is that you are comfortable and able to bring your baby to the breast easily.

The relationship between your baby’s mouth and chest, called latch is what really matters.

How do you get started breast feeding your baby?

Sit comfortably, so that your back is supported and that you are not leaning back.
Raise your feet if you need, so that your turn is flat.
You can use a pillow to support the weight of your baby, so your arm does not do all the work. Once you’ve had more practice, you can do without the pillow.
In order to feed your baby needs to use his tongue to pick up in a big bite out of your chest.
The lower lip and the tongue of your baby need to access your breast first, and touch your chest as far from the base of the nipple as possible.
Bring your baby on your chest with his head thrown back. It should be in the lead with his chin. With his head thrown back, letting his lips touch your nipple.
Your baby will respond by dropping its lower jaw.
Move it quickly and smoothly to your chest to his lower lip as far as the base of your nipple as you can.
Never alcohol breastfeeding, Do not drink alcohol during your breastfeeding period.

Tips to help you breast feeding your baby.

Check whether you need to change the baby’s nappy before starting feeding. Only do so if baby is uncomfortable or has a soiled nappy. It is likely baby will need to be changed after feeding
Feed baby in a quiet comfortable area with no distractions.
Give your baby your undivided attention – no talking to friends and no TV.
Hold baby very closely and look at your baby and smile – CARE about what you are doing – this little baby is reliant on you!! Under NO circumstances should baby be fed with no attention– always hold and care!
Be sure to feed completely from one breast and then the next time from the other breast.
Be sure not alcohol breastfeeding .
DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS – patience is needed.

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