How I Discovered Paradise Called Faroe Islands

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The world’s most unspoilt islands – that’s the description provided by National Geographic for Faroe Islands.

I was always very curious about these islands and what do they have to offer. Let me tell you I was not disappointed during my stay there. It is truly an extraordinary place.

This little village won my heart. It is just a perfect location!

Weather on Faroe Islands is notorious for its fast change

There is well-known saying: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. But before the change happened I was lucky enough to snap this pic.

On other days weather was really terrible with very low visibility. But that’s part of the adventure. Right?

This shot is taken at Kalsoy lighthouse. Truly extraordinary place to be!

These cute little birds are puffins and they reside on steep cliffs of Islands

Lake Sorvagsvatn and its epic location does not need a description!

Curvy roads and little villages. Yep. These are Faroe Islands

Cabin with grass roof in the most epic location I could imagine!

The Gasadalur waterfall in its full beauty

Faroe Islands took my heart. I can not wait to go back there!

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