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Homemade best Hair Care Routine

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We are always looking for natural ways for our hair care, and to maintain the moist and brilliance constantly. We have been spending a lot of money on some quick visits to beauty salons to get some nutrition for hair and take care of it. Why don’t you try some homemade recipes, masks for the best hair care,  Here’s the routine best suited to care for your hair at home :

Hair Care Routine

1. Hair cleaning:
Shampoo is considered a basic to clean the hair follicles, and to get rid of dirt and accumulated fat on the scalp. Shampoo varies from one type to another; there are types increase the hair moisture, and other types of help to increase the curls and to increase its size, and the types of protecting dyed hair and trying to fix it, and the types of help to get rid of dandruff and other; try to choose the shampoo that suits you to get what you want.

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Homemade best Hair Care Routine

2 . Moisturizing hair:
Balsam is a wonderful treat to moisturize the hair and get rid of the dryness; its components work to restore luster to hair and increase the moist , it also protects the hair from bad weather, heat and chemicals. it should be rinsed in the shower.

Hair Care Routine


3. Hair feed:
You can either nourish hair with Eating useful foods help to nourish your scalp, and thus nourish your hair, either prepare and applying nutritious masks for your hair helps fed from outside . One of the most nourishing masks to your scalp and hair mask the egg yolks and olive oil:
• Prepare egg yolk tablespoon of olive oil teaspoon of almond oil a drop of lemon juice one tablespoon of honey.
• Mix ingredients well, then apply them on your scalp, and leave an hour to two hours, then wash your hair well as usual.

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Homemade best Hair Care Routine

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