Healthy snacks during your pregnancy

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Healthy snacks during your pregnancy

It is important to eat healthily during pregnancy. But you might find it is so hard to have large meals if you got morning sickness. That’s why snacks are available.

Those types of snacks will meet your own hunger and give you and your own baby needed nutrition during all days of your own pregnancy.


Throughout your first trimester exactly what snacks are good ?

During the first trimester (4 weeks – 13 weeks), it is not necessary to have much calories, but require more folate.

You need to eat a lot of food rich in folate, and also daily supplement 400 (mcg) of folic acid. Folates considered the puraly natural type of folic acid that can be obtained in some foods. Fortified foods, for example breakfast whole grain cereals, have folic acid added onto them.

to obtain much folate, you have:

Preparing salads with beetroot and baby green spinach leaves .

A glass of orange juice or whole orange.

Do not forget steamed three asparagus with dips

One cantaloupe or some honeydew melon.

You should Keep a supply of sliced whole meal bread inside your freezer, so you can take out a slice in need.

Vitamin A is crucial for your baby organ development , blood circulation, nervous systems and respiratory . And for you help you to fight infection.

Vitamin A from animal food sources is known as retinol. Cheese and eggs are excellent sources. Be careful don’t eat animal liver, which also include high level of retinol not safe during your pregnancy.

Vitamin A in fresh plant foods, is found as carotenes, particularly betacarotene. Our own bodies have the ability to change betacarotene into vitamin A, but you should not eat too much .

Vegetables and Orange fruit have betacarotene. You could put papaya, peaches and slices of ripe mangoes, to your breakfast cereal. You could make smoothies to take them with you to work, or even you could prepare your soups with sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash .


Throughout your second trimester exactly what snacks are good ?

During the second trimester (14 weeks – 27 weeks), you should concentrate on having enough calcium, because in this trimester your baby’s bone and teeth are starting to develop. Having Vitamin D to help your body get and use calcium. The doctor will told you to get a daily 10mcg vitamin D supplement from the first trimester. Now you already ought to be getting a lot of vitamin D .

Keep you calcium level stable in your body, you and your own baby need to have enough calcium throughout your pregnancy, calcuim also reducing the chance of high blood pressure.

A good source of calcuim is Dairy food (choose low in fat products) such as plain or a low yoghurt or skimmed milk are great sources of calcium.

In case you have a problem with dairy products, you could get calcium-fortified soy products, such as soya yoghurts. Also having dried figs , almonds and nuts

If you eat a snack of soft bones mashed sardines on toast that will give you good calcium , and it will give you omega-3 fatty acids and iron. Those Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for your baby’s eye and brain development.

Another very important element is magnesium. For having Magnesium nutritious snacks you could have a cup of milk, a roasted potato, or a handful of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Magnesium can also helps the body to improve effectively. It could helps you to change your food into energy and control your whole body temperature.


Throughout your third trimester exactly what snacks are good ?

During this trimester (28 weeks-plus) you need an extra energy, vitamin B1( thiamine) and vitamin C . So you need to have 200 extra calories That’s why it is recommended eating an extra 200 calories daily .

Also you have to take a slice of toast of wholemeal with yeast extract along with tomato, try a dish of mushroom soup as well as a satsuma .

Vitamin C is very important during pregnancy. It take a crucial role in:

gurding cells from damage

maintain your immune system healthy and in good condition.

Improve developing of placenta .

You got to try having vegetables and fruit they are high in vitamin C, and other minerals and vitamins, so make sure having snacks of those wonderful food. For example take salads with tomatoes chopped strawberries, citrus fruits, and kiwi fruit into smoothies.

Make sure not to overcooking the Vitamin C foods , the heat destroyed this important vitamin, eat a raw vegetables, or lightly steam or microwave vegetables.

Improve your B vitamins daily intake by havin snack on low-sugar, high-fibre, fortified breakfast cereals. The vitamins of B-group are:

vitamin B1 (thiamine)
vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).
folate (called folic acid when included in supplements)

You should have an extra thiamine the last trimester of your pregnancy, thiamine helps you to take energy from foods. Good sources of thiamine – include wholemeal cereal grains, seeds (especially sesame seeds), legumes, nuts, yeast,

Brown rice, dried beans, and green vegetables .Take a slice of toast with baked beans .

Fiber and water are essential to make your constipation better, you may have during third trimester and first trimester , you should be drinking about 8 glasses 1.5 liters of fluid a day.

you could take your fluid from water,juices and soups.Fiber very important for keeping things moving in your gut.vegetables,fruits,wholgrain cereals,wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice, potatoes, try to take at least 5 portion of vegetables and fruits daily.

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