Glowing skin tips after your 30th

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When women go beyond the thirty become a must attention of her skin where time begins to emerge with signs on her skin of increased exposure to the sun and with the lack of attention to skin. “What woman needs” are going to provide you with some of the routine steps for skin care at the age of thirty to keep the youth of your skin:

Glowing skin tips after your 30th
* Try to moisten your skin daily in the morning and evening, natural and industrial oils are helping to glow skin and maintain its vitality, such as:

Coconut oil is the most powerful moisturizing oil to the skin , it can also be used as natural sunscreen to the sun.
Castor oil for its density and thickness shall be granted skin hydration and vitality.

Sunflower oil is considered of light oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin E, which helps to heal scars, deals with the effects of acne and nourishes the skin and moisten it so deeply.

Olive oil is one of the most oils that has been contained in the composition of moisturize creams the skin because it contains a large amount of minerals and fatty acids. Should be stored in a dry, dark place so as not oxidized.

Glowing skin tips after your 30th

* Keep away from direct sunlight, and keep your skin before you go out by using sunscreen cream, whether in summer or winter, and in the time period from 10:00 pm to a fourth, because the sun’s rays cause the appearance of wrinkles.

* Put anti – aging cream under your eyes to fight wrinkles that appear below the eyes, as this area of ​​the sensitive skin areas, which need to be addressed and not exposed to the sun also must be moistened.

* Do not wait until the wrinkles appearance to remedy them whether through cosmetic surgery or conventional methods. Start from now, you are in the age of thirty, so make daily routine to keep your skin from time factors.

Glowing skin tips after your 30th

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