Forget Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Christmas Tree Dresses Are Here!

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Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and most of us are already in the Christmas mood. We’ve got our hot chocolate with marshmallows ready, we’re decorating our Christmas trees and trying to cover every square inch of our house with Christmas lights and tinsel. Perhaps some of you even started buying Christmas gifts, to get it out of the way and not leave it until the last minute. But have you planned your outfit yet? What are you going to wear to your Christmas party? Were you thinking of dressing up all nice or where you going to continue the tradition of wearing ugly Christmas jumpers? If you haven’t decided yet, but want to really stand out this Christmas, I’ve got a suggestion for you – wear a Christmas tree dress. I mean, sure, it’s not for everyone, but if you’ve got any fancy dress events coming up, or perhaps your office is hosting an “ugly Christmas jumper” competition – that Christmas tree dress will get you first prize.

You don’t even need a Christmas tree with a dress like this.

So of the branches from your Christmas tree fell off? Incorporate it into the dress.

Add some leafless naked branches to get that hip rustic look.

You can always accessorize with Christmas decorations.

In case just a Christmas tree isn’t festive enough, you could incorporate some feathers.

Make sure everyone understands it’s winter, add a touch of frost.

Add some bling with Christmas lights.

In all seriousness, don’t try to wear a dress like this – you might hurt yourself. But it’s a pretty fun Christmas decoration that could totally replace your Christmas tree all together. So feel free to decorate your home in this quirky way. Have fun this holiday season!

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