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Food tips during and after practicing exercise

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Many of us may fall and commit some errors after practicing their exercises that maybe that could decrease the effect of the exercise, as we may permanently deprive ourselves of eating food  and some may deal with the wrong foods, where statisticians nutrition and sports trainers are advised to drink much water throughout the day, they allocate some food kinds before doing your exercise, and others food after completing your exercise;

Food tips during and after practicing exercise

Of the main food that you can after exercise such as protein  and vegetables while you need to eat rice and potatoes before exercise and for those who engage in this exercise in the morning is advised to eat corn-flex, oats, sweet potatoes, puree potatoes about two hours before exercise.

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Food tips during and after practicing exercise

Food tips during and after practicing exercise

And foods that can be addressed after exercise

– eggs:
Where is the egg is of the foods that is rich in protein and carbohydrates, it also contains just  70 calories.

– Juices:
You need to replace your own sports drinks with orange juice, lemon, kiwi or pineapple, they are  rich in vitamin C, potassium, protein and you can drink during exercise or after your exercise, try not drink too much of them.

– Proteins:
You should eat sufficient amounts of particular proteins as chicken breasts and egg whites , and for meat is preferred to abstain from it, because it needs a great time to digest.

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Food tips during and after practicing exercise

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