First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men

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Krato Milano is a stylish brand that offers one-of-a-kind exclusive items to individuals who want not only to stand out of the crowd, but also to be ahead of the crowd. Krato’s first collection is dedicated to beardsmen who express their individuality in eccentric, yet sophisticated ways. Beard is a visual display of dignity, style, and uniqueness which makes for a perfect canvas of self-expression. Krato Beard Jewelry collection consists of iconic shapes like skull, anchor, and classic crystals that could be mixed and matched to create most unique adornment look.

Beard Jewelry collection is currently available to pre-order on Kickstarter, while it is raising funds until November 3rd. Pre-ordered Beard Jewelry is scheduled to ship in December right in time for Christmas, so it will make a truly special gift. By supporting Krato’s Beard Jewelry on Kickstarter, backers are not only helping this unique accessory come to life, but also getting discounts off future retail prices and helping beard community grow.

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Krato Milano created the first ever jewelry collection for bearded men

It has taken over a year to design and perfect the items. The biggest challenge was to develop a functional clip that would firmly attach onto different types of beards while being comfortable to wear

The beardsmen who tried Krato Beard Jewel, loved it and encouraged its founder to share it with the rest of the world

Research shows that beard movement which started half a decade ago, isn’t going out of style, but with time is only becoming stronger

Almost every man now takes the best care of his beard and experiments with its originality and style

So Krato Beard Jewel is a new way for men to express themselves!

And Krato Beard Jewel is perfect even for a short beard

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