Filipinos hair care’ secrets for long and healthy hair

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Filipino women are characterized with their long and soft hair. But the most prominent characteristic remains the health of her hair that is unmatched. There were many studies that reveal the genes carried by the Filipinos, that gives them this healthy hair. But in this topic “What woman needs” reveal you natural trick adopted by the Filipinos to maintain a healthy and shiny hair.

Filipinos hair care' secrets

Filipinos hair care’ secrets

Filipinos hair care’ secrets

Mixes of aloe vera for healthy, glossy and long hair:
Filipino women use aloe vera ointment to strengthen hair and nutrition from the depths. Aloe vera contains protein, phosphorus, sugar, plus it contains malic acid , vitamin A and C and calories such as carbohydrates and fiber with anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn can alleviate itchy scalp and dandruff, not to mention its ability to strengthen the hair and its tufts.


If you want to get a hair like the Filipinos, here are these natural mixtures:
For long hair: Massage your scalp with an aloe vera extract after a shower, and leave it penetrates deep into the skin. After half an hour, wash your hair.
To reduce hair loss: Mix aloe vera oil, watercress, olive oil, and grease your hair out.
To more volume hair: Mix a small cup of an aloe vera extract and amount of Custard powder , and grease your scalp with them.

Filipinos hair care’ secrets

Aloe vera Mask: Extract the aloe vera pulp and put it in a blender with a cup of olive oil and half a cup of coconut oil, apply on your head for two hours. After the massage, wash your hair with warm water for long hair. We recommend you apply this mixture twice a week.

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