Feeding Baby Formula

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Feeding your baby is a “one-on-one moment” and it is so important that individual attention is given by you to the baby you are holding.

Feeding Baby Formula


Check whether you need to change the baby’s nappy before starting feeding. Only do so if baby is uncomfortable or has a soiled nappy. It is likely baby will need to be changed after feeding

Feeding should take place in a quiet comfortable area with no distractions

Make sure baby is wearing a soft bib as this will prevent skin being irritated should milk drip down under chin to his neck. Be sure the bib is not too tight. Be sure to put on gently and remove with care.

Give the baby you are feeding your undivided attention – no talking to anyone, no phoning and no Television.

Hold baby very closely, support her or his head, look at your baby and smile – CARE about what you are doing – this little baby is totally reliant on you!! Under NO circumstances should baby be fed when they are in bed or when she/he is sleeping. Take this opportunity to hold and care!

Choking risks: babies who are lying in bed while drinking a bottle of milk can draw liquid into their lungs. They might then choke on it or inhale it.

Risk of ear infections: when a baby drinks lying down, milk can flow through to the ear cavity, which can cause ear infections. Therefore gently place baby’s head in the crook of your arm so that it is slightly raised above their body.

Risk of tooth decay: milk is quite high in sugar. Soaking the baby’s teeth in it overnight can cause tooth decay.

Sleep associations: if baby get used to having a bottle every time they fall asleep, they may develop an association between the bottle and sleep. They might then find it hard to fall asleep without a bottle.

Be sure to feed a little milk and then take a break to ensure baby has digested the milk, and then continue to feed.

During this break time, hold baby more upright to allow them to digest, burp baby then carry on feeding–

DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS – patience is needed.

Remember– you are helping baby grow and thrive!

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