Fashion, Style, and Dance: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Has Mastered All

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What does it take to be a master of the arts? The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater knows well. The theater is the most popular in the world, having performed in over 71 countries on six continents, 48 states, and in front of over 23 million people. Started by Alvin Ailey in 1958, the theater’s rise to fame was only a matter of time. With unique, heartwarming performances and exquisite costumes, the theater has provided millions of people, all over the world, with a once in a lifetime experience. The cast has impeccable style, underlined by the tremendous talent of the dancers. The incredible strength in their lines and extraordinary costumes set the theater apart from any dance troupe you have ever seen. The costume department skillfully displays the human form with flawless perfection, wrapped in magical garments that are truly one of a kind. The African-American ballet costume designs of Alvin Ailey are not in fashion magazines for exquisite couture design; however, any fashionista would enjoy the awesome offering they deliver.

The designs feature pure, rich, royal colors that triumph with pizazz and luxurious appeal. The designs are not only soft and beautiful, but also fierce and exquisitely defiant of fashion and costume standards. The dancer beautifully wrapped in a silky red flame, flowing in the wind, could be a wonderful example of the combined talent of the theater. The rich, purple, royal gown worn by a female dancer as she gracefully embraces her partner in midair, while extending lines is also a perfect example. Yet again, maybe the female dancer donning the red silk gown with the twisted bosom, adding astounding beauty to her dress with beautiful, extended lines, is the perfect example as well. The breathtaking examples of fashion, style, and dance in the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater are literally unending. Going to one of their amazing shows to experience the beautiful blending of the arts, first hand, should be a required ‘bucket list’ item for all.














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