Fashion Looks To Steal From The Boys This Fall

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1. Oxfords

1. Oxfords
A good classic oxford will be more valuable and wearable than any pair of heels you’ve ever owned. It’s grunge but classy and feminine but chunky; the perfect balance for fall footwear. An amazing androgynous staple that can be a classy shoe, or a casual one. An exaggerated toe modernizes it as does a distressed, colored wash.

2. Denim Button-Downs2. Denim Button-Downs
This is such a versatile basic that you can wear year round. Wear it in a light chambray or a little thicker and play around with different washes. Style a vintage scarf in the pocket, and leave a couple of buttons undone to add some va-va-voom to the menswear basic.

3. Slouchy Harem Trousers3. Slouchy Harem Trousers
Harem pants are super versatile soft pants, and the drop crotch gives them an edgy look. Very comfortable, and a version of sweatpants that you can actually wear outside. Great for business, brunch, or a night out on the town, with strategic shoe choices. Try with a more fitted top, like a silk halter.

4. Beanie4. Beanie
Play around with colors and patterns. Lightweight ones in cashmere look a little more classed up, while a thicker and chunkier knit will look a little more street wear inspired. Try a fuzzier one if you have straight hair, or a thin ribbed one if you want to cuff it for a tighter fit.

5. Skinny Sweatpants5. Skinny Sweatpants
Finally, some of them can be socially acceptable to wear outside. Now, due to the skinny silhouette, you can rock them outside of your bedroom. This edged-up pair great for more of a streetwear look, with Nikes, or with an androgynous shoe and a no-makeup look. Very cute if you show a little skin and wear a tight crop top – bring it back to 90’s girls, like Destiny’s Child.

6. Motorcycle Jacket6. Motorcycle Jacket
Try an unusual leather jacket like this, of a lighter hue, that opens up to appear like an elegant blazer. It’s more low-key than a traditional motorcycle jacket, but not as drab as an everyday blazer. A bigger fit will be more cool and slouchy, perfect when paired with a slinky bright body con dress, or with tight black jeans.

7. Varsity Jackets7. Varsity Jackets
Throwback to your first boyfriend’s old letterman jacket. These are super popular in the hip-hop world, and can give an otherwise elegant outfit like a maxi dress, an unusual mix of feminine and masculine. These look so badass on girls, and subtle details like drawstrings and buttons can make all the difference. Try it in an oxblood, introducing color in a low-key way.

8. Ankle-Grazing Soft Trousers8. Ankle-Grazing Soft Trousers
Guys do this look with a pleated pant for a more business casual look. But on you, it looks casual chic and elegant. Wear it in a light silk or a thicker leather for colder months. Amazing transition piece to pair with ankle boots.

9. Boyfriend Cardigan9. Boyfriend Cardigan
These are the coziest to keep you warm all winter. Wear them with skinny jeans and a tee, or over a long slouchy skirt and some mary amens for a ‘90s throwback that works every time. Slightly longer sleeves and a wide silhouette, when unbuttoned, make your frame look even smaller and more lean.

10. Shearling Jacket10. Shearling Jacket
Try playing with colors in your next shearling or fur, or for the more resource-friendly, your next faux fur. Instead of the boys, make it long and dramatic, mixing colors like blues and pinks, or it can stay on the neutral side, and cropped, for a more casual look.

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