Family living room decoration ideas

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Most of our time , we are sitting in the most used room in the house, the living room, as it is the family meeting place where we can watch TV or even study. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the comfort factor in this space through the application of decoration tips of the interior decor designers for “What woman needs” the following:

Family living room decoration ideas
– It is necessary to use neutral colors like  beige and white, to paint the walls.
_ Prominent colors can be enter to the furniture  pieces and the “decorations” in the room. In this context, it is preferable to choose practical and comfortable sofas and chairs, covered by cotton or leather cloth , with the distance from the silk clothing to the difficulty of cleaning the raw material. On the other hand, favored the distribution of couches in the form of the letter “L” or “U”. It is worth mentioning that the more seat is width, it shall reduce the height, and vice versa.
– Prefer to choose curtains made of linen, taking care that the colors are consistent with sofas fabric.

– Pay attention of the place of the TV, it must be visible to all those sitting in the room. In this context, that TV can be hanged to the master  wall, or take its place in the library of wood, according to the room space. But, it is advisable to keep away putting the TV in front of  the window that reflect the sun’s light on the screen.
– It is not necessary to use strong lighting in this room, in order to avoid so as not to reflect light on the TV screen that hampering visibility, you can enter the lighting within the library, if any, or the use of table lamb installed base on the ground.
– In favor of ground to be covered with “parquet”, to give the feeling of warmth in the space.
– Not in favor of spread a lot of “accessories” in the places, with sufficient of unbreakable pieces, as well as family photos frames.
– The library can be divided according to the needs of individuals, there is not mind that it comes including a small office or a simple table with four chairs in one corner to eat or play.




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