Fall Lifestyle Ideas

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Fall Wedding Ideas

Thinking of getting married in the Fall? Brilliant. Most people think of summer as being the wedding season, cause the weather is nicer, but don’t worry, autumn has more perks to offer.
Additionally, fall offers more versatile options for dresses and decor, since this season is so rich with colors. In case you’re not completely sure, let us convince you by pointing out a few awesome reasons as to why having a fall wedding is a great idea.


More people, less money spent
Fall Wedding IdeasPrecisely because it’s not summer and most people will be back from their vacations, more of your guests will be able to attend your wedding. Plus, you’ll get off-season deals for venues. If you have people flying in especially for the wedding, this will also mean that the flights will be cheaper and the airports won’t be as crowded.

More dress choices
Fall Wedding IdeasThink about it. You now have the option of wearing a beautiful long sleeved wedding gown with intricate lace details and your fiance gets to look dashing in a three piece suit and not worry about sweating through it in the summer heat. And if you want to go with a strapless wedding dress, you still can, it’s not that cold yet, plus you could always throw on a little shal if you get chilly.

Amazing wedding pictures
Fall Wedding IdeasEverything looks more beautiful in the autumn, since there’s so much more color. Have a photoshoot in the park against the rich backdrop of autumn leaves. Your wedding pictures will look stunning. The yellow and orange tones will make the whole ordeal look a lot cosier and it will fill you with warmth when looking back years later.

Cosy autumn decorations
Fall Wedding IdeasAutumn is all about warm shades of orange, yellow and read. You can incorporate them into your table decorations. Go for gold and white if you want something classier. Pumpkins and maple leaves are also a great idea for centerpieces. If your venue allows it, you could use candles in jars to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, and if not, you could always use lanterns and yellow fairy lights. Plus think of all the cutesy, vintage looking DYI decorations you could incorporate into this wedding. So cute! So charming!

Delicious food.
Fall Wedding IdeasJust think of how beautiful the wedding cake will look if you decorate it with icing shaped like leaves. Or you could do pumpkin spice cupcakes! Caramelized apples, pumpkin or cherry pies. These aren’t just halloween or thanksgiving dishes, you can totally incorporate them into your wedding. You can serve awesome hot beverages too. Hot cocoa, mulled wine, pumpkin spice lattes for those who don’t drink alcohol. Autumn desserts are the best. Plus you could have amazing homey savoury dishes for the main course.
And when you think of the cons, we could only think of one and it can easily be avoided. If the weather isn’t too warm, have the ceremony at the venue instead of outside. That’s pretty much it.

There you go, these are just 5 of many reasons why having an autumn wedding is a great idea. We hope we’ve and that you’ll have a beautiful wedding this fall.


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