Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying

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If you are tired of the same makeup look you put on day-in-and-day-out, you definitely need to look through our brilliant eye makeup ideas. Probably you’ve already found “a look” that works for your face, but lets check out other types of makeup that suit almost every girl. Eye makeup allows you to be creative and unique. With such a huge variety of colors and shades – why not?

Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying
1. Smoky eyes

Some say there is nothing more gorgeous and sophisticated than the classic smoky-eyed look. If you want to join the team of celebs and models who wear this fabulous makeup style go ahead and don’t be afraid of experimenting. Smoky eye makeup is usually done with one color of eye shadow (brown, grey, or black). But brave girls will pull out the stops and try such shades as navy or dark plum.

Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying
2. Winged eyeliner or the cat-eye look

A winged eyeliner look is often referred to as the ‘cat eye.’ This makeup is just perfect for everyone, it can even enhance your eye shape. Nowadays it is very popular among celebs and probably will never go out of fashion. You will never get bored with this fantastic look, and you can rock it according to the occasion, a soft wing is perfect for every day, and a heavier one is great for nights out. Compliment cat-eye makeup with bold red lips.

Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying

3. Double winged eyeliner look

Two wings are definitely better than one. Do you agree? Beautiful. Gorgeous. Irresistible. Sophisticated. This look is an absolutely ideal tool for turning heads. This trend is getting so popular today. Beauties, you definitely should rock this fantastic makeup once. Don’t forget about red lipstick!

Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying

4. Kohl-rimmed eyes

There are plenty of soft and feminine colors, but this makeup is perfect for those girls who really want to stand out of the crowd. One of the most stunning ways to make your eyes pop is to use old Kohl liner traced around the entire eye (you can also go just the top or bottom.) This makeup is dark that makes it a grungier alternative when it comes to makeup. This smoldering look is for women who love experimenting and want to make a statement. Don’t worry about making it perfect. In fact, the smudgier the better!

Eye Makeup Looks Worth Trying

5. Glitter and shimmer makeup

Yes, glitter may be fabulous. This trend is was created to draw attention since it can easily glam up any look. It looks very flirtatious and works well with any hair color and skin tone. It is essential to make sure that your eyeshadow and glitter colors look great together. Gold and silver are the easiest colors to match. You can try this makeup for those big nights out.

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