Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift

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Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift

Do you know that plastic surgeries, push-up and padded bras are not your only chance to make your breasts appear bigger and healthier? Natural breast-lift is really possible thanks to simple but super effective workout moves that we will learn today. When working out, we usually forget to pay attention to our muscles above and around the breasts. But we shouldn’t! Here are some of the most useful and highly effective exercises and a bit of motivation for you!
By following this advice you’ll be able to get a lift in your chest in just a few weeks! Also, these exercises help to slim and strengthen shoulders, arms and abs.

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Dumbbell bench press exercise.
The main muscles that are worked here are in the chest. But you strengthen your shoulders and triceps as well. Take a pair of dumbbells one in each hand, lie face-up on a bench, hands resting. You should lower them until they’re close to the sides of your chest. Now raise the dumbbells up with the help of your thighs until arms are extended, hold them in front of you at shoulder width. Do 10 reps without rest.

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Dumbbell fly.
This is another exercise you do on a bench that will strengthen your chest muscles. Lie on a bench face-up like in the first exercise, take a pair of dumbbells and hold them above your shoulders with elbows slightly bent, now you need to lower your hands slowly, until your elbows are even with your chest (the should be slightly bent at the moment). Perform 10 reps of this exercise.

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Push-ups.
Push-ups are an excellent exercise for a strong chest and upper body that you can do anywhere, anytime. Doing push ups trains your shoulders, triceps and pectoral muscles (your chest muscles). How to do it: get in a plank position and create a straight line from shoulders to hips to ankles. Place your arms a bit wider than your shoulders and lower your body toward the ground. Do it slowly, no drooping. Slowly press back up to the first (plank) position. Do 10 reps and go to the next exercise.

If you haven’t done push ups before or don’t have enough strength to do this, try to push up from a bench or a table, keeping your body in a straight line, from head to feet. Don’t forget to contract your abs. Do 10 push-ups.

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Push-up variations.
Bored doing classic push-ups? Try single-leg push-ups, lifting one leg 10 times, and then switch legs. This type of push-ups will intensify work on upper body and core. Also, try push-ups with your feet elevated on a bench or a box (use your imagination).

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2

Chest passes with a medicine ball.
Take a medicine ball, lie on the floor, face-up, bend your knees. Place a medicine ball on your chest. Contract your abs, press your lower back into the floor. Now throw the ball up as high as you can. Try to catch it with straight arms and lower it to your chest. Repeat the exercise. The main thing here is to do it as quickly as possible.



Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Plank walk.
Yes, our favorite plank exercise can help you lift your breasts too. And this one is even more fun than the classic one. Start with a simple push-up plank position, raise your right hand and left foot and step both to the right. Then move your right foot and left hand to the right (beneath your right shoulder). Now reverse. There is nothing complicated, just remember: you should move the opposite arm and foot in the same direction. Take 2 steps in one direction – this will be 1 rep. Do 10 reps.

Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Plank with arm reaches.
Start in a push-up plank position, contract your abs and stretch your left arm in front of you as much as you can, fingers should be outstretched. Place it back on the floor and do the same thing with the right arm. Now put it back. This will be 1 rep.



Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Dumbbells around the world.
This exercise sounds funny but it is very effective. You can do it both standing and lying on a bench. Get a set of dumbbells and hold them next to your thighs. Now rotate them over your head creating a semi-circle. Return to the first position, do as many repeats as you can.



Exercises For A Natural Breast-Lift 2Nutrition.
We don’t promise that your breasts will go from A to B or C size, but practicing these exercises is a nice chance to get a perky and appealing form you’ve always dreamed about! A Quick tip: Do not forget to eat well to achieve maximum results! Here some products that can help you to enhance your breast size: apples, plums, cherries, cucumbers, carrots, rice, wheat, sunflower seeds, clover and garlic. Try to exclude unhealthy foods from your daily menu. And remember: we all are beautiful, no matter what breast size we are!

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