The Essential steps of cleaning oily skin

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Oily skin is the most susceptible to many of the skin problems as black and white heads, which occur as a result of malfunction balance of hormones in the body during puberty, pregnancy or menstruation. You can avoid these problems by following the right steps to take care of your oily skin, it is advisable to choose the special types of lotions designed to get rid of excess fat skin. Here are the most basic steps to clean oily skin at home.

1. Face Washing
– Choose a suitable Gentle Cleanser for oily skin. Many types of lotions that contain alpha hydroxy acids as citric acid, lactic acid or Glicolak acid are available. Use any of them to clean your skin well and control the oily secretions.
– Be sure to wash the facial skin twice during the day in the morning and before going to sleep gently to avoid redness and irritation.
– Avoid hot water for washing the facial skin, it could stimulus to produce more fatty secretions on the skin.


– In the case of wearing a makeup, cleaning skin thoroughly is better than using napkins to remove makeup. But when necessary, choose alcohol-free napkins .
– After washing the skin, use a clean towel to dry your skin thoroughly. And take into account changing the towel a day to avoid the accumulation of excess oil, dirt and bacteria on the towel, which then cause a fungal infection.

The Essential steps of cleaning oily skin

The Essential steps of cleaning oily skin

2. Moisturizing the skin
After washing your face well, you need to apply a moisturizer cream. Choose a moisturizing cream free of oils, with the use of an appropriate amount to control the fatty secretions and protect the skin from inflammation.

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