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Effective Tips To Wash Your Hair the right way

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Effective Tips To Wash Your Hair the right way

Wash Your Hair the right way

Do you wash your hair on the right way? Discover these effective and simple tips to avoid damage your hair.
Before putting the shampoo, moisten your hair well with hot water that opens the hair particles and helps remove the dirt. This water also contributes to melting of oil on the scalp and thus absorbed by the scalp and penetrates its molecules.
If you have a long , apply balm before shampoo. Apply it on the tips of the in a light way before using shampoo, in order to protect it from dehydration and damage. This way you will maintain the health of the tufts softness and shine of .

Wash Your the right way

Effective Tips To Wash Your Hair the right way
Rub shampoo from the roots towards the extremities; starting from the roots strengthens blood flow in the scalp. Then rub the a horizontal direction and not circular so as to avoid tangled hair. Friction damage and leads to wrinkling and fracture.
Using one shampoo is enough, you do not have to reapply several times to wash your unless it is too hot or you do not get the desired foam for the first time.
When applying the balm, get rid of water on the before applying. Do not put it on the roots and leave it as long as possible for effective hydration.
Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your  type and what it needs.
Finish washing with cold water.

Effective Tips To Wash Your Hair the right way

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