Easy home remedy to prepare arthritis painkiller

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Are tired of the arthritis pain? Do you want some natural home remedy that can get rid of that painful pain? “What woman needs” provide you today  natural and easy treatment which is basis of ” Ginger”, which  is a wonderful solution to combat arthritis pain. It is a natural and easy to prepare and can be made at home and only requires ginger, garlic, salt .

Easy home remedy to prepare arthritis painkiller

arthritis painkiller

arthritis painkiller

Preparing wonderful bandages of ginger

1. Put the fresh ginger , four cloves of garlic, two large two tablespoons of salt in a heavy stainless steel mortar, which is recommended for use in the preparation of herbal medicines recipes.

2. Grind the ginger so well until well crushed.

3. Peel the garlic and ginger and add salt to the mixture and grind , then mix the three components.

4. Add the garlic and salt to ginger powder. Begin to mix again to blend the three components.

5. Pour the mix on a plastic paper used for packaging food.

6. Put a bandage on the painful area.

7. set the edges of the medical dressing and then roll the dressing.

arthritis painkiller

Easy home remedy to prepare arthritis painkiller

Ginger properties in the fight against pain and inflammation are known and used by the Chinese for a long time. it’s recommended for arthritis pain, headache, menstrual pain and muscle aches. Ginger has moved from traditional medicine to modern medicine because it has been proven medicinal properties by scientific researchers in recent times.

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