Easy Christmas Nail Art

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Easy Christmas Nail Art

Christmas season is upon us and it’s time to decorate everything: Christmas tree, porches, fireplaces, your whole house and plant a few reindeers outside for good measure. If you’re done with wrapping everything in Christmas lights, there’s still one more thing you can do. Decorate your nails. We spend ages looking at different nail designs on Instagram, wishing we had the time or skills to recreate them. Now is the perfect time to make your nails look Christmasy. We’ve all secretly want those cute reindeer nails or that hipstery Christmas jumper art on our nails. Perhaps you’d like to make your nails look like candy canes or draw some Christmas lights on your nails. (There’s never too many Christmas lights). We looked all over the Interwebs to find the most beautiful Christmas nail art design and even found a few easy tutorials. So here’s a gallery we compiled for you. Find something you like or get inspired and come up with your own original idea.

1. Candy Canes NailsCandy Canes
You could do 1 accent nail or make them all look like candy canes, either way it’ll look fabulous.




2. Christmas Tree NailsChristmas Tree
As you can see, it’s very easy to do, but add something special to your look.

3. Minimalist Christmas Tree NailsMinimalist Christmas Tree
If the previous one was too difficult and you’re not good at cutting out shapes, just grab a toothpick and create this simple yet elegant nail design.

4. Mix’n’Match Christmas NailsMix’n’Match Christmas Nails
Why not to make each nail an accent nail? Rules are meant to be broken.

5. Cosy Christmas Sweater NailsCosy Christmas Sweater Nails
Match your favourite Christmas jumper and look super cute.

6. Glittery Christmas Trees NailsGlittery Christmas Trees
Add some sparkle to your nails.

7. Reindeer NailsReindeer Nails
Pick your favourite of Santa’s reindeer or draw all of them, it’s up to you.




8. Hipster Jumpers NailsHipster Jumpers
There’s so many different hipster jumpers with these designs, just pick your favourite




9. Christmas pudding and fairy lights nailsChristmas pudding and fairy lights
Looks lovely! And it’s worth trying…

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