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DIY lip balm recipes moisturize chapped lips

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Vegetable oils and products in the kitchen are capable of producing natural balm, helps to moisturize the chapped lips,especially in theses winter days, giving a smooth appearance and protect it from climatic changes.


– Honey balm recipe:
Honey has benefits of smoothing, soothing, and restoring the skin lips, helping to accelerate the process of cell regeneration in this sensitive area of the face. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a little of Vaseline or coconut oil spoon, Add to this mix a few drops of food coloring to acquire an endearing taste, leave in the fridge for half an hour to turn to a solid composition, then it is ready for use.

DIY lip balm recipes moisturize chapped lips
– Essential oils balm recipe:
In small bowl put it inside a larger pot filled with hot water, mix several types of vegetable oils as oil coconut, apricot seed oil, which is characterized by its antioxidant benefits or wheat oil, which plays the role of a preservative natural and helps to healing the scars and wounds.

DIY lip balm recipes moisturize chapped lips

DIY lip balm recipes moisturize chapped lips
– Chocolate balm recipe:
Cocoa powder, which constitute the main ingredient of chocolate, has an antioxidant effect and tension. To prepare the balm for lips with chocolate, mix in a small bowl and put it into a large bowl filled with hot water: 5 ml of cocoa butter 0.5 ml of coconut oil, 0.2 grams of yellow beeswax, then add two drops of Cereals wheat oil. Leave the rest of this mixture overnight in the refrigerator to be ready the next day to enjoy its nutritious and hydrating and anti-tension benefits .

DIY lip balm recipes moisturize chapped lips


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