Disadvantages of Breastfeeding ?

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Disadvantages of breastfeeding?

Disadvantages of Breastfeeding ?

Exclusive breastfeeding means giving the baby only mother’s breast milk for the first six months of the baby’s life.
Do not give the baby pre-lacteal feeds-such as any fluids or foods such glucose,caraway, anise, or manufactured milk formula.
Many mothers and other family members want to discard colostrum because it looks “different”.They often give other things like water, glucose water, honey, herbs or other substances before mature milk comes in.It is important to know that the importance of colostrum for the baby and that breastfeeding within the first hour after birth provides this important food to the baby and helps with the “let down”of mature breast milk..
Breastfeeding should begins within an hour of birth.
Breast feeding has no disadvantages for the mother or the baby-we will explain in details the highly advantages of the breastfeeding for the mother and the baby in coming posts-.
Breastfeeding should be “on demand” as often as the child wants day and night.
Bottles or pacifiers, which replace suckling at the breast makes the baby suckles less.Using bottles or pacifiers can contribute to breast feeding failure and interfere with attachment at the breast , so the baby suckle less effectively.
There is no disadvantages of breastfeeding , the disadvantages are of not breastfeeding the baby completely for the first six months.

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