Diaper Rash Treatement

Nappy rash-Diaper rash

what is Nappy rash?the nappy rash or diaper rash is very common. Most babies will get it at some point. It is usually not anything serious and is mostly an irritation of the skin. It can be caused by:

A wet or dirty nappy, which has been left touching the skin for too long, especially with diarrhea. Human waste products can turn into ammonia if the nappy isn’t changed for a long time. Waste products eat into the baby’s skin, which can then start to sting.
A fungal infection, due to dampness under the nappy, also causes nappy rash. Everybody has fungi on their skin, but it only grows when conditions are right. This has nothing to do with bad hygiene. It’s caused by dampness or changes in the skin conditions.
A fungal infection can be unpleasant for the baby because it can sting the skin – especially when the baby wets or dirties its nappy.

How we can avoid nappy rash-diaper rash?

The diaper rash treatment, the best way to treat an ordinary nappy rash, or nappy rash caused by a fungal infection, is to let it get some air. It’s a good idea to leave the baby’s nappy off several times a day.

It’s important to wash the baby’s bottom every time you change the nappy. If your baby has only wet their nappy, use warm water. If the baby has dirtied their nappy, use a little baby soap, but remember to always rinse in warm water to make sure there is no soap left on the baby’s skin.

To protect the red skin, you can use a zinc paste. If in doubt, be sure to talk to the doctor who can prescribe special cream if required.

Changing a nappy both in a timely and sensitive way is not just about providing physical care. By giving good physical care you are also demonstrating that you love and respect this little baby as a person and that he or she deserves every kindness and attention possible to give.

Even very small daily actions by you have a big impact on each child – bigger than may first be obvious

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