Debunking The Ponytail Myth

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Debunking The Ponytail MythThere’s this sad and sort of shameful stigma about the ponytail being a bad hairstyle. No one says it explicitly, but it’s always implied in many ways. On a good day it’s preppy and neat, on a bad day it’s plain and lazy. In most cases it’s only seen as a save for a bad hair day. Well, we’re here to bust that myth in a true Mythbusters fashion. With examples and experiments.
First lets remind ourselves why we should love the ponytail.

Debunking The Ponytail Myth1. It gets the hair out of your face.
Which is already an amazing achievement.
No matter what you’re going for, be it a glamorous evening out with a full face of makeup or a day at the office. You might think “It sounds ok for work but surely a ponytail isn’t fabulous enough for an evening out?” Well, let me prove you wrong. There are many different kinds of ponytails: messy, sleek, curly, straight, braided, knotted, sideswept, 60’s inspired… There are so many styles to choose from and make it work for you. Still not convinced?
Well, think about your evening makeup, all that lipgloss, making your lips sparkle and shine and looking fabulous…but oh, what’s that? A traitorous gust of wind and you end up with a facefull of hair, sticking to that fabulous lipgloss, smearing it all over your face as you desperately try to get your hair out of your mouth and not end up looking like the Joker. Yeah, don’t you wish you opted for an updo? But don’t worry, a ponytail will save the day!

Debunking The Ponytail Myth2. It makes you look sophisticated, classy and polished.
Think sleek and low like Kim Kardashian, or a high bouffant like Fergie, or casual yet classy like Audrey Hepburn. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to look like Audrey Hepburn? These styles are perfect for both a day at work or a red carpet event.

Debunking The Ponytail Myth3. Want something more rebellious?
Ponytails can help you out with that too. You can always go for a deconstructed, messy look, or add a bunch of volume on top, tease the hell out of your ponytail and finish it off with a ton of hairspray for an edgy rocker look. Go all out and add some studded accessories to your ponytail to draw even more attention to your hairstyle and solidify your status as a total badass.

Debunking The Ponytail Myth4. Prefer a more soft, romantic look?
That’s what side ponytails were invented for. Go for a deep sidepart, curl your hair a bit, brush it out so you have those flowing waves and put it into a low side ponytail. Pull out some pieces to frame your face and there you go, your romantic look is complete.

Debunking The Ponytail Myth5. And finally, the dilemma of going to the beach.
We all want to look great while sunbathing. And don’t we all wish to look like a beautiful mermaid emerging from the water after a swim? But what do we get instead? Seaweed in our hair if we do go for swim, or sand in those pretty beachy waves you spend 2 hours perfecting at home. That’s no way to live. There’s an alternative. Or to be more precise there are a few. High textured ponytails, braided ponytails or the best option of all – twisted side ponytail.

Debunking The Ponytail MythNow that we remembered why we should only have nice, happy feelings associated with a ponytail, get to it and pick your favourite style or learn a new one to show off to your friends. Perhaps you’ll even want to research more about all the ponytail variations and tell your friends about it. Or try your hand at creating a whole new style, never seen before, your unique invention that is bound to be the next summer trend. Arm yourself with hair ties and brushes, throw in a few bobby pins for good measure and a spritz of hairspray and get cooking.
So here it is ladies. We hope you’ve changed your mind and no longer see the ponytail as a boring thing only to be worn at home where nobody can see you. Instead you should now see it as the ultimately convenient, versatile and empowering hairstyle; a style that is an essential lifehack in any woman’s life. Go Pony – Be Happy!

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