Dances That Will Tone Your Body

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Dances That Will Tone Your Body

We’re sure that every girl dreams about a perfect body. But what to do if you are tired of those exhausting and boring workouts? You need to think about dancing! Dancing is an amazing way to tone your body and have fun at the same time. There are so many types of dances you can try today, from ballet and jazz to booty dancing and piloxing. If you think that dancing is not effective enough, you are wrong. It is actually possible to burn about 500 calories during a one-hour class. Sound great? Then you should definitely try this fantastic method to drop those hateful pounds and sculpt your ideal body. We’ve found for you the most effective and enjoyable types of dances that will bring great benefit for both your body and soul. Check them out now!

1. BodyJam
BodyJam is gaining a crazy following now and is hugely popular. More and more people have started attending this dance workout. Yes, it’s a workout, but you will hardly notice this doing some Hip-Hop, Latin, Swing, or House moves. You will be excited to try it. BodyJam is perfect for people who love dancing and always listen to the latest hits. And the best part about it – you don’t have to be a professional dancer to move like a super star and feel really hot.

2. Zumba
Zumba is a cool Latin-inspired cardio fitness program. It is pretty easy and doesn’t require any special dancing skills. This makes it perfect for beginners. People of any age can try Zumba. You’ll have real fun working out and dancing at the same time. All you need to attend Zumba classes is a good mood and the desire to sculpt your body.

3. Ragga Dancehall
Ragga Dancehall is extremely popular among women today. It is a combination of traditional Jamaican street dance and contemporary American hip-hop. Ragga is considered to be one of the sexiest dance styles. It is perfect for girls who want to make their bodies flexible, strong and hot. It will help you forget about your everyday routine, enjoy the real power of dancing, and of course get your dream body.

4. Booty Dance
Do you want to rock the dance floor with your super awesome moves? Then this style is definitely for you. It has already conquered the whole world. Originating from Africa, Booty Dance is a type of Hip-Hop.   It is very energetic, expressive and hot, hot, hot. Hip rolling, rump shaking, twerking – you will learn all these sexy moves. Girls who want to tone up, get a flexible and strong body should try this style. So, shake your booty and have real fun!

5. Piloxing
Piloxing is one of the newest ways to get the body of your dreams. Some people call it a new Zumba. But in fact Piloxing is a combination of Pilates, boxing and dancing. Sound great, yeah? It sounds even better when you find out that it is also one of the most effective ways to burn fat and tone up really fast. So, if you want to try something new and have fun, Piloxing is perfect for you.

6. Jazz-Funk
Today Jazz-Funk is one of the most popular, exhilarating and energetic dance styles. Stunning ladies such as Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears use this style for their performances and music videos. It is perfect for girls who want to move like a superstar, improve their plastique, look feminine and absolutely hot on the dance floor. You will learn different moves from Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Waacking. It is impossible not to fall in love with Jazz-Funk.

7. Sexy Jazz
Another popular dance style worth trying is Sexy Jazz. You do not have to be a professional dancer to try this fantastic style. These classes will help you reveal the true beauty of your body from an absolutely new angle. You will improve your dancing technique, plastique, and get your dream figure. In a few months you’ll see how gorgeous, feminine and hot you can be. It’s no surprise thousands of girls adore it.

8. Vogue
You definitely need to try Vogue classes if you want to look like a supermodel on the dance floor. This style is based on the moves that mimic the posture and facial expressions of models from Vogue magazine. No special dancing skills required to attend these classes, but it is not actually so easy as it seems at first glance. Vogue will help you shed some pounds, feel more confident, attractive and flirtatious.

9. Ballet
If you want to dance super gracefully Ballet may be what you really need. This style is only for those people who are able to follow the rules. It is pretty difficult and demands strength, control and patience – in a word – discipiline! Despite toning your body and having fun Ballet will help you improve your posture and flexibility. In a few months you will move gracefully even when you are away from the classes!


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