Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed With

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Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed With

The simpler, the better! That’s what guys actually think about female fashion. Girls, you can not even think about complicating your looks cause it’s so easy to look great and fabulous without much effort. But there are some trends that work like magnets for men. And don’t forget about exposing some skin, guys just love that. So, let’s check some tricks that will make boys turn their heads.

1. Natural beauty
Natural beauty - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithThere is nothing better than natural beauty of a girl. Her smile, shinning eyes, natural redness in her cheeks. Your skin also should look naturally to impress a man you like. Most guys actually hate bright makeup and fake tanning. Always try not to overdo your look…

2. Nude makeup
Nude makeup - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithProbably one of the most important rules to follow is to apply minimal makeup. Leave bright makeup for special events, thin eyeliner and light lipstick are definitely enough to draw his attention. As we’ve already said guys are obsessed with natural looking girls.

3. Hairstyle
Hairstyle - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithThere are two hairstyles guys love mostly – ponytail and beachy waves. Nothing complicated. You can easily get these looks by yourself and forget about spending hours trying to get a gorgeous hairdo.

4. Tops
Tops - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithIt’s no surprise men adore all kinds of tops. But tank and tube ones are the best choice to get a sexy look. Tank tops compliment almost every type of shorts, skirts, and blue jeans, but you should be very attentive when picking up a tube top. Before buying one make sure that you can pair it with your clothes.

5. Shorts
Shorts - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithShorts show more legs and expose more skin leaving little to imagination. Find a pair of shorts that suits you best and be sure you look stunning. Guys won’t be able to stop staring at you.

6. Rompers
Rompers - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithRomper is actually a combination of top and shorts. No wonder guys find this trend extremely attractive. But make sure you look great wearing this item. Unfortunately many girls fail when picking it up and look boxy.

7. Sundresses
Sundresses - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithRemember that fabulous sundress is a must-have for every girl. Sundresses underline the best parts of your body and highlight your curves as well as hide some imperfections. Guys think that girls who wear sundresses look cuter, more feminine and more attractive. This item is perfect for picnics and dates. Don’t hesitate! Go and buy a sundress you like. You will surely look amazing!

8. Bikinis
Bikinis - Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithMen love girls wearing bikinis. Surprised? Probably not. It’s not news. But you may be surprised to hear that men pay more attention to women wearing it with confidence, than to women who have ideal body shape. Next time when you go to the beach try to care less about your imperfections – your self-confidence is a better tool to attract guys.

9. No heels
Cute and Simple Looks Guys Get Obsessed WithYou’ll be happy to find out that guys actually like flat shoes. They think they look pretty much cute. You can rock fabulous and comfy flat shoes as much as you want without hesitating. Leave you favorite heels for some special occasions.

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