Common Illness in a baby 0-24 months

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Signs and Symptoms


Diarrhoea Is the frequent passing of stools, which may be very loose and watery, If this continues over several hours it can be very dangerous as the baby can become dehydrated. This means the baby is loosing too much body fluid, which is very serious, Diarrhoea is often the sign of illness or infection -Continue to feed the baby fluids-Refer to Doctor
Vomiting Is the expulsion of milk or food from the stomach out of the body through the mouth, If this continues over several hours it can be very dangerous as the baby can become dehydrated? It is often sign of illness or infection. Violent vomiting of a small baby maybe a sign of serious stomach condition, -Give clear fluids, water-Refer to Doctor
Gastro enteritis


Diarrhoea and vomiting is called gastro enteritis. It is serious, and is often accompanied by fever, and can lead to dehydration


-Give clear fluids, water-Refer to Doctor


Coughs & colds and respiratory infections Coughs and colds runny noses can be common in small children Coughing can cause vomiting, it can be a sign of a chest infection, and breathing difficulties can develop, the baby will not want to feed and may have   fever and diarrhoea, -Give   fluids, keep warm and-Refer to Doctor


Measles Viral infection starts like common cold with watery eyes, fever feeling unwell. Small white spots appear in the mouth, and rash appears on the body, starting with face, neck, and then the rest of the body, Incubation period of 8-14 days. Can be very serious -Fluids, medicine for fever,-Refer to Doctor
Chicken pox Infectious disease, that starts with mild symptoms feeling unwell, fever, headache, spots appear on chest and back, then fill with fluid, they dry off forming scabs, -Fluids, medicine for fever, calamine lotion or other for calming the itching.

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