Color Combinations To Try This Winter

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All girls adore shopping! Okay… not every single girl, I personally have one friend who’s shopping process takes about 30-40 minutes and then she gets bored, tired and stressed out a bit. And during this half an hour the girl manages to find and buy what she wants and needs. By the way, she always looks stylish.
I must admit it, such “fast shopping” is a skill I have no idea how to develop. But this list will help you to find out what to wear this winter season, what colors to pay attention to and how to combine the most popular ones. Your shopping will become much easier.

If you like to wear bright colors in winter, making this time of the year more cheerful and colorful, try this mix: Cobalt blue + Oxblood(dark-brownish-red).

Another a bit wild combination: red + pink. Yes, this one was a no-no for years and years, but now you can rock different shades of red and regret nothing.
Blue color looks just awesome with silver pieces. Consider this, choosing silver skirts, boots or sneakers. Make your style more “cosmic”!

Navy and camel make a good winter look. Here you can use any navy denim, for example, your favorite pair of jeans or old-school denim skirt. And combine one of these pieces with a camel colored cardigan sweater.

I love grey. It is a very casual yet super subtle and stylish color. You can combine it with almost anything, but look how awesome the greycolor looks with dark red shades! A grey longline coat is the latest must have, which you can combine with different types of sneakers or boots. And it keeps you warm!
Grey shades will also look very stylish if you mix it with more vivid, yellow tones. Here you can pick black accessories and wear it all without a doubt this winter.

Blush and pink is a super “girly” duet, and you can courageously choose this palette like an alternative to white winter colors. Choose the most adorable blush coat and combine it with anything pink.

To make the look less “sweet” but still including pastel tones, try wearing pale pinks with emerald green. This mix will make the whole image more serious yet sensuous and very feminine.

Make a good contrast wearing navy blue along with cream colors. Navy is an extremely practical color, but too much of it can turn you into a dark spot, so adding cream shades will soften the look highlighting the elegance of the dark navy.

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