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Cindy Crawford’s diet by using Dark chocolate

Cindy Crawford, the supermodel, has drawn our attention, As she has followed a delicious diet away from the deprivation of food, a diet call you to eat a piece of dark chocolate after lunch. From this standpoint, nutrition specialist “Crystal Pedrosaan ” will reveal to chocolate lovers, its recent impact on weight loss, and the multiplicity of the most prominent health benefits, in the following:

Cindy Crawford’s diet

Most studies revealed the health benefits of chocolate on the body , as it contributes to the burning of fat, and make you feel full. Among the most prominent studies in this area, one conducted in the “Copenhagen” and proved that eating chocolate gives a feeling of fullness for a long time, through the testing done by some people who ate dark chocolate, but they could not eat, only 15% of pizza, compared with those who ate milk chocolate with a sweet taste.

Cindy Crawford’s diet by using Dark chocolate
On the other hand, dark chocolate contains antioxidants called “flavonoids”, and the last has heart-health benefits. The dark chocolate eases blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes. it prevent infections and ease the stress hormone.

Cindy Crawford’s diet

Cindy Crawford’s diet by using Dark chocolate
Despite the health numerous benefits of dark chocolate, however, eating a high amount of it, it will  be threatening your fitness, so be careful not eat moe than two pieces,  because they contain fewer calories equivalent to milk chocolate.
It is worth mentioning that diversification of snacks is necessary, for example, try eating dark chocolate twice a week, and a handful of nuts a time, and a handful of dried fruit other time. Note that the piece of dark chocolate (30 grams) contains 50 calories.

Cindy Crawford’s diet by using Dark chocolate


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