Changing Nappies-Changing Diaper

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How to change your baby nappies/Diaper?

Changing a baby’s nappy is very important for their comfort and well-being. It is important to do this well to avoid irritation and nappy rash on the baby’s sensitive bottom.

It is necessary to be aware of when your baby needs his nappy changed, as this is an important part of the care you give. However you needn’t wake a sleeping baby to change a nappy unless the baby is uncomfortable. You must use good judgment.

Before changing your baby Diaper

Be sure everything you need is at hand. You will need the following:

clean nappy;
cotton wool and warm water for babies under one month (or those with nappy rash) and a small towel for drying – wipes for older babies;
change of clothes if the nappy has leaked;
creams if needed;
baby toy.
Changing mat/fresh dry clean towel to lie on

Changing your Diaper Procedure

Here below we list the different steps of changing your baby nappy:

Wash and dry your hands before you begin.
Have a baby toy ready – something to keep the baby amused whilst you take off one nappy and put on another. Do not use creams or lotion containers for this purpose as older babies may put these in their mouth, which can be dangerous.
Kiss the baby and talk to him or her explaining what is going to happen.
Unfasten the nappy – but don’t remove it yet. Look to see what is inside , so you are prepared
Clean baby’s front thoroughly with warm water or a wipe and make sure to get into all the little creases.

Remember to clean girls from front to back at all times!!
Lift both legs gently and clean carefully the buttocks.
Slip a clean nappy underneath before releasing baby’s legs.
Keep a fresh nappy over the penis for as much of this process as possible, in self-defence!

Be careful to place the nappy on well, not too tight and not too loose. Remember the frills at the sides and be sure to check the fit and comfort for the baby.
Used nappies can be folded over, tightly re-taped and tied in a plastic bag for careful disposal in a dustbin with lid.
Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly.
Remember to talk to the baby throughout the full process and when finished to reassure him . There should be no sudden movements. Be gentle at all times

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