Can’t Help But Press ‘Like’ For: Lambers, Twee, And Cute Guys With Pups

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During the last year we all saw, ‘liked’ and followed a lot of new posts, and groups and boards on Pinterest that brought the new style trends to the forefront and of course gave us daily doses of joy and inspiration. By the way the visual discovery tools are now the way we are getting our mood and emotional fulfillment these days. Our social network account gives us a huge, robust creative freedom and in effect becomes our personal media platform, allowing us to showcase how deeply we are committed to our various interests. Nevertheless there were some talented people (applause please!) who caused the whole world to go absolutely crazy-nuts for them! They continue to gain greater notice while you are reading this article! Let’s not waste time. You now are going to be getting acquainted with the top 3 communities that are currently boosting our day-to-day societal mood and giving us our socio-cultural marching orders. The Herbeauty team is not an exception. We admit we have weak flesh and that these folks stagger us with their posts and we are constantly giving a “thumbs up”. These movements are the trendsetters in our ever-changing world and you gotta know about them. Here we go!



Can1. Lambersexual or Lambers

You can find them with hash tags like:

They are the ones girls say ‘Arrr’ while surfing through out on their social networks accounts. They are the bartenders at the luxurious bar spots, they’re the top managers, they’re leading IT-brain boxes, they’re designers and singers. Honestly these major stunners are everywhere. And we know you’re the one (just like us) who are among their fan club. Even if you don’t admit this fact we know it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. So please keep calm my darlings and continue to dream about the date (or…maybe already the next one) with one of those lamber-stud muffins.

Take a glance at the top signs he’s L-A-M-B-E-R-S-E-X-U-A-L:

– He’s essentially an urban woodsman or the hipster-outdoorsman hybrid;
– He has a slightly unruly and absolutely impressive beard;
– He has a lot of smart and sexy tats. All of his ink has really deep meaning and even a long story of how it came about. Just ask him and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.
– He’s dressed up like a lumberjack. His must-haves are: the expensive flannel and a pair of jeans that looks like they are at least 15 years old but sure enough he has bought it 2 hours ago at a very hipsterish showroom;
– He drinks whiskey. Ok…the traditional ‘Old Fashioned’ at the very least;
– The selfless, almost puppy like-look with a tough yet damn sexy facial expression is necessary;
– The old book with yellow pages is his essential that he’s immensely proud of. By the way he has a million book bones at his ‘Kindle’. Half of them he knows by heart;
– He doesn’t like the flannel shirt just for style. He really loves chilling outdoors;
– He is a fan of deep-house music;
– He never forgets to wear his leather boots;
– You’ll probably catch him next to his Macbook Pro;
– He’s in love with big black-cell glasses;
– Ask him to have a cup of coffee. Bet he will order the latte.




Can2. Twee Girls
– Tweens?
– No, I’m Twee (the capitalizing is essential here)
– Oh, okay. Hipsters?
– NO! TWEE! It’s a new movement.

You can find them with a help of tags:

Are you knowing and in trend with a new revolution? Or you’re one of the poor unfortunates whose not aware of who these mysterious ‘tweedles’ really are? The twee-ness is as much an attitude as it is a way of life. These girls have a nostalgic and whimsical air around themselves. They look like they’ve come through a time warp from the Woody Allen movies of the 70’s and 80’s and arrived in our space with a totally cool outlook. Their behavior is focused on the essential goodness, sweetness and romantic factors in life.

You’re probably the Twee Princess if:

– 80% of your dresses are stolen from your granny’s wardrobe;
– You listen to Indian music with your eyes closed;
– You sound off against sexism and homophobia;
– You are a real fan of all things vintage and retro;
– You think Audrey Hepburn is an icon of style and Women’s beauty;
– You like the Miu Miu and Markus Lupfer brands;
– You’re more than sentimental. The tissue box is always next to you to help absorb those buckets of tears;
– you’ve seen all of Wes Anderson’s movies;
– Your friends call you the ‘Super-Dreamy-Creamy-Petite-Princess’;
– You probably use your Twee fame to promote un-promotable bands;
– You go to bed before 11 P.M.;
– These words are you life’s motto and official tag line: ‘Defend the vulnerable! Be strong!’



Can3. Cute Guys With Dogs or Hot Dudes With Puppies

You can find them with a help of tags:

These dudes of note do nothing but read good books on a park bench or near the subway, and drink high end coffee; surely their big three trademarks. They usually have trendy gadgets, smile like an Olympian God and keep on faithfully leading their four-legged buddies around – those oh, so cute puppies and dogs that make us bite our lower lip and make our heart go pitter-patter!

Here is a short guide to recognizing them:
– His dog is even cuter that he is. As a rule the pet is one your dream breeds (the one we all say ‘Awwwww’ when it passes by): the Pug, the Beagle, the Labrador, the Pei;
– He doesn’t hesitate to show off his triceps holding the dog in his arms;
– His body is simply perfect;
– He is well shaven;
– He wears ripped jeans and white t-shirts;
– He has a few pairs of nice slippers;
– They’re jogging together. He and his pup of course (it will last until you join their perfect match, believe us)
– He buys the expensive accessories, fresh meals and the best beauty treatments for his pet (OMG girls, OMG);
– He likes to go for a walk and wears the same colored outfit as his four-legged friend;
– He knows all too well that he makes girls drool. But when he’s out-and-about he always stays innocent and indifferent and oh so cool

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