Burping the Baby

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Burping the Baby

You will know that burping baby is important when feeding baby – to ensure that excess air is released.

There are 3 ways burping is commonly done:

  1. On your shoulder,

  2. face down on your lap

  3. Sitting up

It is a good idea to try them all to see which works most efficiently for both you and baby.

Regardless of which the important thing is to hold baby gently but firmly so he or she doesn’t fall

On your shoulder

Hold baby firmly against your shoulder, firmly support the buttocks with one hand and rub gently with the other.

2.Face-down on your lap

Turn baby face down on your lap, stomach over one leg, head resting on the other.

Hold him or her securely with one hand, rub gently with the other

3.Sitting up

Sit baby on your lap, head leaning forward, chest supported by your arm as you support him, rub gently with the other hand.

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