The best natural ways even lips tone

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 Dark or uneven lips color is a problem, that the dark of the corners and the parties to a different degree from the rest of the lips, which negatively affects your whole look, the reason for the dark lips is due to direct exposure to the sun for long hours, or an imbalance in the hormones, or excessive use of lipstick on an ongoing basis, especially if it is of bad quality.


Before finding out some natural ways to even lip color, Here are general tips ..

Reduce the intake of beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee.
Don’t use lipstick on a daily basis and don’t sleep without wiping lipstick but you must leave your natural lips from time to time without placing any material to breathe and regenerate cells.
Put a lip primer always before the lipstick because it protect a layer keeps moisture lips although covered with red lips for a long time. If you are exposing to direct sunlight for long periods, wear a sunscreen from the sun’s rays on the lips.


The best natural ways even lips tone

Some natural ways to help in evening the lip color ..
The use of natural pure lemon juice, by putting it directly on the lips before going to sleep, and on a daily basis for a period ranging from one month to two months, depending on the degree of the problem you have. You can also mix the lemon juice with a little sugar or with honey, then put it on the lips for a quarter of an hour a day, this mixture is is a great exfoliate for dead cells and dry skin on your lips, causing the lips darkening and uneven tone.


Use olive oil because it contains compounds and minerals able to lighten the color of the lips and antioxidants, through massaging the lips with olive oil before going to sleep, and leave it until the early morning then wash it off. Apply it daily for better result within 14 days.

The best natural ways even lips tone

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