Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant? – You Bet!

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The biggest problem of any woman (and you can’t deny it) is “I have nothing to wear!” But when you get pregnant it gets even worse. First, your body is changing and you should find clothes to cover your baby bump. Second, your mood is changing often so you should have at least some wardrobe variety to choose from. Here you will find some must haves that will help you out in your every day pregnancy routine.

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant Fitting or Loose?
You should decide either you are in the mood to show your beautiful natural curves in fitting clothes or hide them under something baggy and comfortable. If you want something fitting, choose stretchy tank tops and elastic dresses that will not squeeze your body and will let you breathe freely. The choice of loose clothes for expecting moms is wider, but it shouldn’t prevent you from wearing whatever you want.

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant How About Stripes?

When choosing a pattern, prints and stripes are the best choice. They do not accentuate your stomach, and make you look casual. What’s more, stripes are always trendy!

Dress Up

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant

The best choice to create a gorgeous look is a dress. Here you have different options. For the picnic or a daily walk you should definitely go for a maxi dress, that will cover everything you want to hide and make your moves free and gracious. For the evening look you can choose a wrap dress, that will point out your waist line, and flatten the ‘protruding part’ a bit.

Choose the Shoes

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant

Shoes are the hardest but most important choice when you are pregnant as your legs strain more than usual. Therefore, your body would be grateful if you forget about your favourite high heels for the duration of your pregnancy and switch to flat sole shoes. Sandals are perfect because 1) they let your feet get fresh air 2) they look good flat soled 3) they are the perfect match with maxi skirts. You can also choose loafers with low stacked heels. But make sure they are roomy enough and at the same time support your ankle.

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant Goodbye Jeans?

Pregnancy is not a reason to forget about jeans. But it’s the reason to put your skinnies on the shelf and take something more baggy, which will support your belly at the same time. Straight or flare maternity jeans will become your best friends for now. Maternity denim looks so good and feels so soft that you will be missing those jeans even after pregnancy.

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant Loose and Trendy

Anything will do here – from A-line shirts to flowy tunic tops. This kind of clothes will accentuate your femineity and make you feel comfortable even on hot days. Combine it with maxi skirt to look more hippie. Or you can opt for black leggings to highlight your legs and make the whole outfit look more petite. Another option is to borrow your boyfriend’s (husband’s) shirt – it will not look that manly on your baby bump and at the same time will add some classy shade to your everyday look.

Being A Fashonista When You Are Pregnant Have Fun, Future Moms!

Don’t be afraid to dd some fun to your style with thematic t-shirts. They are adorable, stylish and there are plenty of them available. After all, if not now – when would you put on a shirt with baby related jokes on it!

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