Bathing a Baby

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How to bathing babies?

Step 1 – Choosing Baby’s Clothes


What do you need to think about?

Suitable clothing for the weather – warm in winter, cool in summer;
Good fit for baby – not too tight or too wide;
Make sure the clothes are dry- keep away from damp towels and bath water;


Step 2 – Gather all the Items for Bathing:

Wash and sterilize the bath;
Put the rubber mat in the bath after sterilizing it;
Fill the bath with clean, warm water;
Soap/hair shampoo;
A nappy, nappy cream ;
Clean towel;
Clothes for dressing the baby in afterwards;
Bin or bag for waste;


Step 3 – Prepare the Bath

Wash your hands;
Put the cold water in the bath first and then add the hot water. Test the temperature with your elbow. It should feel comfortably warm. 37 degrees C is about perfect for a baby, going a little hotter as they get older.

Step 4 – Prepare Baby Ready for Bathing:

Undress baby down to her/his nappy (to take off the clothes gently start with one arm then the other, after that remove the clothes from the front of the head to the back) Be careful not to tug little ears and noses;
Lie him/her on their back on the changing mat. Cover the baby’s body with a dry towel to keep warm. Little babies get cold very quickly;.
Wash baby’s face, neck and ears gently. Babies have lots of creases and it is important to check all of them and clean them. Remember to clean boys and girls in the correct way;
Clean behind the ears because this is where dry skin collects and if not removed will cause a skin infection.;
Then wash under the armpits for the same reason. It will be necessary to stretch the arm, do this gently but enough to expose the armpit;
Have a look at the back of the knees and clean the creases there;


Step 5 – Bathing a Baby


Remove your baby nappy – check first in case nappy is dirty;.
Gently lower baby into the water on their back supporting head and shoulders on your hand and forearm if the baby is too young to sit.;
For babies with little hair, wash head with a little baby bath soap and rinse the scalp by using your hand to gently pour some water over it;
Babies with hair might need a little shampoo on the wet hair and rinsed off in the same way by supporting the head and shoulders as you tilt their head back in the bath and using you other hand to pour the water carefully and gently over the head;
Talk and reassure baby throughout the bathing process;
Make it very gentle fun – this is a special one-on-one moment to be shared with baby;
Let baby know a few minutes before that bath-time is coming to an end;
Avoid any sudden movements, keep everything calm and gentle;
Remove baby from the bath and dry on the towel making sure you also dry the creases. Don’t forget always to dry the baby quickly and cover the baby with a dry towel. They can get cold very quickly after leaving the warm water. ;

Step 6 – Dressing Baby after Bath

Make sure you reassure baby while putting on his nappy by talking and smiling with him;
Check babies bottom for nappy rash and apply cream and a clean nappy. Be sure that the secure leakage protection is on the correct side and the tapes are not tight, wide or close to the baby skin;
Dress baby quickly and gently start from the back of the head to the front being careful not to upset or hurt your baby during dressing process;.



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