Baby Crying Sound-Tiredness sound

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A baby’s cry can indicate that he or she is tired. The “Owh” sound is based on the yawn reflex, indicating that baby is ready for sleep.

When you yawn, you will notice that your baby’s mouth is in an oval shape when she says


If you put your baby down to sleep when you hear the “Owh” sound you will notice that she will fall asleep more quickly and easily.

One of the main reasons that young babies are unsettled is due to over-tiredness or over-stimulation. Her world is filled with bright lights, loud noises, different faces and experiences which for a new baby is quite overwhelming.

Tired Babies

the baby crying sound-tiredness sound tells you she /he is sleepy,the baby says it in many ways-

Listen to the “Owh ” cry
Listen for yawning and an oval shaped mouth
Movements may become jerky
Baby may rub her eyes or pull her ears
Back arching and squirming are signals of tiredness

Owh sound-Tiredness sound

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