Baby crying-Why do babies cry?Young Babies and Crying

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Baby Crying – How to Understand and Comfort

All babies cry. Sometimes they cry quite a lot – so be prepared!!

. A baby’s cry tells you how he feels, and it’s part of the communication between you and him.

You have to learn to read your baby’s signals and understand what he wants. Once you recognize your baby’s cry you have to respond to it. Or he will scream even louder!

Try to work out what he is trying to say to you through his behaviour

When you will learn what he wants you should respond quickly. Talk to him, reassure him, smile at him – show him you are trying to understand.

Sometimes the reason is simple and clear.

Baby crying sound-what are the reasons of baby cries?


Is the most common reason for a young baby to cry. Babies love the feeling of a full tummy. But be careful to not always assume that baby wants food every time he or she cries.


A baby spends more time awake as he grows and there is more scope to be bored. Many children cry out of sheer boredom or if left alone with no-one to play with them. A baby of one year old enjoys your company more than anything else and is interested in what you are doing.


eg of the dark,If your baby fear of darkness don’t leave him alone, never close his room door.

crying baby sounds always annoying sounds, you could decrease those sounds with many actions.

Comforting and soothing baby

Sucking comforts – dummy, bottle, fingers, thumb
Carry baby close, snuggle him close
Massage – gentle stroking and massage can calm.
Do not massage his tummy before 4 weeks old, miss spine and avoid nut-based oils Music – sounds or music can comfort. Even the droning of a washing machine
Movement – rock him in your arms or cradle, push in pram
Fresh Air – take baby outside
Wind – try placing baby in an upright position against your shoulder and pat his back very gently
Bath – a warm bath can often calm babies
Quite room – away from others to soothe with gentle cuddles and soft singing

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