Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial

Applying make-up for woman with Asian heritage; women with the so-called ‘almond shaped eye may be a hard task. Experimenting and finding the right make-up for your face type is always an experience. But sometimes it doesn’t end well. Here are the best and easiest make up tips for women with Asian eyes. These tips will help you to save some time and emphasize your beautiful facial features.

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– Choose more “girly” colors. The natural or no make-up look is very trendy now and a favorite look for many women. But let’s be honest; they aren’t the best ideas for almond-eyed Asian ladies. You are going to want to transform your naturally pale face where you achieve a more radiant and glowing look with the right lipsticks and blushes and treatments for your eyes. Using pink lipstick for your fresh, everyday look. Or you can apply classic, dark red shades for the evening and combine that with eye make up that gives you that smoky black/grey look. Wow!

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– If your skin tone is uneven because of acne, wrinkles or other flaws, don’t forget to use a skin tone corrector. When choosing a foundation, use the lightest formula you can find. The foundation that works best on Asian skin is yellow-toned. It will give you a truly natural look. If you are wanting to make your face look thin, try contouring your face using two different shades of foundation. Apply the darker shades on the natural indents of your face.

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– Smoky eye. Who said this make up doesn’t work on Asian eyes? Women with monolids can use it with confidence, because this type of eye make-up looks just gorgeous on them! Choose the level of “smokiness” you want to achieve and try it on. Experiment with warm brown shadows applying them underneath and apply black on top. If you want to achieve more casual smoky eye, apply black closer to the lash line. Or put it further away from the lash line for a more “dramatic” look.

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– If you’re a woman with medium thick lid, define the beauty of your eyes by contouring them. First, apply a highlighter on your inner corners and along the browbones. Use a brown tone and carefully sweep it from outer corners towards the inner ones (drawing the “rainbow”). In addition, apply black eyeliner closer to the lash line. Don’t forget about mascara.



Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– Make your dark eyes look even deeper and more mysterious. For this effect you will need two different eyeliners: a black one and the other one according to your color preferences. Let’s try to make a double eye lining check. Firstly apply black eyeliner to make an accent on your eyes. Then continue adding an extra color. Options: you can choose a color according to your current outfit. Also, you can add shimmering, silver or combine 2 different shades (the main color doesn’t have to be black all the time. By the way, try matching green with blue or violet, these colors look good together, especially on almond-shaped eyes.

Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– Eyebrows. As we all know, brows can impact our whole look. Successfully defined brows will make your whole look awesome while brows defined incorrectly can destroy it. Asian women tend to have dark or black thick hair which contrasts with their pale skin. So every stray brow hair can be noticeable. Don’t hesitate to use different correction techniques like tweezing or waxing to make your brows look defined and flawless. If you have sparse brows, fill them using pencils and brushes. Always use a shade or two lighter than your natural one.



Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial– Lashes. No matter what ethnicity a woman is, she’s dreaming of longer and thicker eyelashes. We all know what an eyelash curler is, right? What to do when it doesn’t work properly? Here’s a tip: warm the curler up using a blow dryer for about 3-4 seconds. Now test it with fingers before using it on your lashes. Apply a few coats of mascara and curl your lashes.
False eyelashes are a great, inexpensive idea to make your Asian eyes look bigger. If you ensure you have the skills to appl false lashes, try a more expensive option: professional salon eyelash extensions. You can rest assured they won’t cause issues with your eyes and will last about 3-4 weeks.


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