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Our Stats (Updated Monthly)!

Unique Visitors per Month = 150000+
Pageviews per Month = 400000+
Impressions or Page Loads per Month = 9000000+
Alexa Statistics Rank in United States = 234,283 (Updated on 17,Oct 2018)
Alexa Statistics Global Rank = 355,630 (Updated on 17, Oct 2018)

The table below provides information on what banner formats are available as well as pricing for each. Kindly note that not all formats are available across the entire network, while some formats are specific to only some sites within the network.




Leaderboard Banner

728 x 90

$25 CPM

Overlays / Blasters

400 x 400 (maximum size)

$45 CPM

Fim Strip

300 x 600

$25 CPM

Killer Banner

300 x 250

$25 CPM

Sponsorships / Takeovers / Skinning



Opt-In Email Marketing


$250 CPM


We do not support following below!

  1. Pop-up Ads (Including Pop-Under and Related Ads)
  2. Flash Ads
  3. Download Buttons (Above Post Title / Footer of the Post)
  4. Other illegal Ads (Adult Ads / Link to Spammy Websites etc.)

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Important Notice: As we genuinely respect our all users/readers so we do not place any type of Download button installer ads under post titles or on footer of the post. Because this might heavily impacts our users experience. We will never placed any kind of installer ads because they silently install toolbars and adware in user’s PC. So please never contact us for Download button ads.

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