Advantages of Breastfeeding for baby and mother

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Advantages of breast feeding For baby:

The benefits of breastfeeding for the baby:

Best and perfect food for the baby.
Available, ready-made, sterilized, and its temperature is suitable for baby.
Rich in antibodies and anti-infective substances to enhance the baby’s protection against illness, like respiratory infections and diarrhea.
Mothers often want to discard colostrum because it looks different.
Easy to digest and absorb.Introduction food in the first 6 months can harm the baby’s digestive system, and can cause infection to enter the body.
Enhances ties between mother and her baby.
Exclusively breastfeeding baby achieve an optimal growth pattern in the first six months.
Infants will continue to grow well if it is followed by timely, adequate, safe and appropriate complementary feeding, while continuing breastfeeding for two years and beyond.
Exclusively breastfed baby have less risk of diarrhea, respiratory and skin infections, and allergies.
Protection from infection continues as long as the baby breastfeeds.
Breastfeeding prevents malocclusion , which occurs more commonly in bottle-fed baby.
The muscles used for breastfeeding favour normal facial development.
The lipids in human milk foster mental and brain/intellectual development.
Breastfeeding reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disorders.
Breastfeeding decreases the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Remember There are no disadvantages of breastfeeding for baby.

Advantages of breastfeeding for mothers

Benefits of Breast feeding for the mother:

Helps the uterus to contract and return to its normal size.This contraction helps reducing the postpartum bleeding.
Mother can use the Lactational Amenorrhea Method(LAM), as a contraceptive method if she is exclusively breastfeeding when the child is less than 6 months, her menstrual period returned.
Reduces risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Remember, There are no disadvantages of breastfeeding for mother.

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