8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets

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8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets

Do you love Easter like we do? Every year you can feel this amazing spring spirit along with having fun coloring eggs with kids, Easter bunnies, stuffed baskets, themed decorations. And Easter wouldn’t be Easter without delicious treats in your basket. This year we recommend that you get rid of junk food switching from traditional Easter baskets to original and healthy one, that you and your kids will love. If you want to promote wellness this Easter or you’re on a diet now, follow these great tips.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets1. The Chocolate Rabbit is one of the main details of the Easter holiday basket. But did you know, this delicious 200 gram milk chocolate rabbit has almost 1200 calories? Doesn’t sound like a good diet treat, right? Try to control the chocolate intake during the holiday. Try to pay attention to the nutrition label of the choco bunnies. The rabbits can be made of white, milk or dark chocolate and if you still want to enjoy one, cut the calorie intake choosing a dark chocolate rabbit.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets2. Less jellybeans.
Jelly beans are beautiful bright-colored candies for your Easter basket. They are not just delicious, they are also a good decoration along with colored eggs. The main problem here is that you can eat them uncontrollably which leads to a high calorie intake and weight gain. Even if the calorie count of one jelly bean is not very high, the total number of calories you’ll eat can be too much. Try to control eating jelly beans, eat max 15 per day (that will be about 130 calories).

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets3. More nuts!
What a great idea: instead of M&M’s and jellybeans try to fill your basket with your favorite kinds of nuts. This is a good natural energy-booster. Mix them with dried fruits, coconut or banana chips, you can also add some chocolate candies.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets4. Exotic and unusual fruits.
Avoid extra sugar by adding delicious interesting-looking fruits, like star-fruit or dragon fruit. Add some pineapple, strawberries, grapes or mango. Your family will surely love this idea and you won’t be worried about the healthy part of the dish.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets5. Popcorn.
Tasty non-candy treat for your healthy Easter basket. If you like crafting, make popcorn butterfly, simply putting the popcorn it in a ziploc bag and clip the bag with a colored pin in the middle. To make the popcorn taste original, cook a flavored popcorn. For instance, melt chocolate in microwave, add peppermint extract and sprinkle popcorn with the mixture. Once it is cool you can serve it. Yummy!

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets6.Other non-traditional sweets.
Another awesome way to make your Easter basket healthier: add baby carrots, raisins, apples etc. These natural vitamin boosters are a nice idea for your basket.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets7. Crispy treats instead of usual cookies and crackers. You don’t have to worry about gaining extra pounds during Easter. Just switch from floury cookies to rice crispy treats. To make them look nice and entertaining, cook basket-like crispies, so your kids will enjoy filling them with chocolate candies, jelly beans or tasty frosting. Or use your imagination and make funny shaped crispy cookies; for instance use bunny-shaped ones.

8 Ways to Make Healthier Easter Baskets8. Eggs!
Hard-boiled, nicely decorated Easter eggs are always a healthy addition to an Easter basket! Use natural coloring when decorating eggs so you won’t be afraid to use them later in salads and other dishes after all the fun. Want to try something more original? Tiny quail eggs will be a delicious alternative to large chicken eggs! And they will look really cute in your Easter basket!

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