8 Tips on the winter Dietary

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We all know that our dietary habits vary depending on the climate change; While we are welcoming  winter , our beloved site “What women needs” present for its readers fast tips about food, especially that many get extra weight in the cold season, and increase their consumption of sugars in particular

1.Preferable to increase vitamin “C” consumption,  by drinking ample amount of orange juice, as well as eating fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin (strawberries, kiwi, citrus green, lemon, spinach …). It should be noted that vitamin “C” is one of the antioxidants which help to fight infections, it is also useful in the renewal of skin cells.

8 Tips on the winter Dietary

2. Preferable to eat more of the energy-rich foods, such as olives, nuts, eggs …

8 Tips on the winter Dietary

3. It’s advised to prepare homemade meat broth or chicken or vegetables in order to prepare some of the dishes.
4. The nutritionists  advise us to eat soups and stews dishes to combat temperatures decrease.


5. Continuously drinking of green tea and herbal teas benefit , especially since studies have been shown that drinking four cups of green tea a day, helping to lower the “cholesterol” and lose weight faster. Green Tea also contributes to the strengthening of the body’s digestive process.

6.  Hot chocolate drink extends the body of satiety, and make you feel pleasure.

8 Tips on the winter Dietary

7. the nuts and dried fruits provide the body in a variety of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and most importantly enhanced feeling of satiety, and helping in weight control.”

8 Tips on the winter Dietary

8. Advisable to make the physical activity as an integral part of the weekly program.

At last, we hope you get benefits of all the tips that we present for you to get out of this winter season without getting extra weight or feeling tiredness.

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