8 Things to Tell Anyone Who Thinks Cheerleading Isn’t a Real Sport

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8 Things to Tell Anyone Who Thinks Cheerleading Isn

Those who say cheerleading isn’t a sport- just dare to spend one day in the life of a cheerleader. They work out and practice for hours almost 7 days a week non-stop for only 3 minutes of performing. Not only do they have to get ready for competitions, but they have to stand in the cold during a football match with nothing on but a tank top, a skirt, socks and shoes. Cheerleaders of course know that there is no such thing as perfection, but they are trying to reach perfection day after day. Cheerleading is a sport indeed, moreover it is a really dangerous sport. For those of you who still doubt what it takes to be involved in Cheerleading, here are 8 obvious demands of being a Cheerleader:

1. Teamwork1. Teamwork
A real sport combines strength, agility and teamwork. Yes, teamwork! Does it remind you of something? Cheerleaders work in teams. Just as real sportsmen constantly focus on what is always best for the team, so cheerleaders know that the only way to succeed is to put aside their individual glory and do everything for the group.

2. Uniform2. Uniform
Since we came to an agreement that cheerleaders are familiar with teamwork, let’s consider another important issue of a real sport. Cheerleaders, just like any other serious sportsman, wear a uniform. Without a doubt these fearless girls are dressed for success. They are representing their schools or professional teams, so it’s a must to wear classy apparel, behave with chic and look their absolute best.

3. Training & Practice3. Training & Practice
Cheerleaders have to train and practice non-stop, they are constantly trying to perfect the routines which we see at the games. Isn’t it exactly what sportsmen do all the time?

4. Stunts4. Stunts
So you are still assured that cheerleading isn’t a sport? Have you ever tried to pull off formations, flips, tosses, and tumbles, or to chunk a person, who may be even bigger than you, in the air and catch her before she hits the ground. It doesn’t look very easy to me!

5. Physical activity5. Physical activity
Cheerleading is a real sport which requires acrobatic skills, athleticism, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. It seems similar to gymnastics, but cheer girls may not use trampolines or beams. Yet they do their best to wow the audience and judges with their jaw-dropping flips and acrobatic feats.

6. Injury risk6. Injury risk
You’ll be surprised to know that cheerleaders get injured much more frequently than in any other sport-like activity in the world. Performing a tricky stunt jumpers have to trust their lives with the people assigned to catch them, which makes it even more dangerous. They know exactly what dedication and taking a risk is all about.

7. Competition7. Competition
Another important reason to tell all the haters: Squads compete with each other, they get judged, they try to get the most points to beat the other team, they sweat like crazy and this is what a sport is.

8. A goal to win8. A goal to win
Last but not the least, they don’t just shake their butt and scream to jazz up the crowd. They throw teammates in the air, they flip 10, 20 feet high, twist and lend on their feet. They have to be perfect. And at the same time they don’t have the right to make a mistake. The goal of any competition is to win, to be the best; cheerleading is no different.
They compete, they get injured, they work as a team, what could possibly make anyone think this is not a sport? However, whether or not cheerleading is a real sport is an issue that frankly may never be resolved. Let’s just hope that you at least began to respect what these girls do.

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