8 Kinds Of Yoga Pants You’ll Definitely Want To Buy

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9 Kinds Of Yoga Pants You’ll Definitely Want To Buy

Looks like yoga has reached the peak of its popularity. More and more people choose to take up yoga instead of lifting weights at the gym. Yoga is seamlessly seeping into our daily lives. Most days we don’t even notice how much it influences us. Let’s take yoga pants as an example. They aren’t reserved just for yoga classes anymore. We wear them casually every day. They’re extremely comfortable and come in a variety of colors and designs, so what’s not to like? Speaking of designs, there are so many different designs, colors, and patterns available that it’s difficult to pick favorites. Still, we’re going to try. We decided not to mention the classic solid colored yoga pants, instead we tried to pick the coolest designs we could find.

1.Galaxy Yoga Pants
1.Galaxy Yoga Pants
Nothing creates an illusion of longer legs than fitting a whole galaxy onto them. But seriously, it looks like galaxy print isn’t going anywhere. There’s different options for you to choose from. More colorful will help you make a statement, the dark ones will add a bit of texture to your look. If you’re into this kind of stuff, check this and this out.

2.Muscle Yoga Pants
2.Muscle Yoga PantsI know, they look a bit creepy, don’t they? At the same time, how freaking cool is that? You can walk around dressed in yoga pants, yet look more naked than ever. Get it? Plus, I heard some teachers have found them to be pretty useful when teaching biology.
You can purchase them here if you want.

3.Floral Yoga Pants Part 1
3.Floral Yoga Pants Part 1I tend to associate floral prints with spring or summer, but if you pick warmer colors you can really make floral work during the fall. These pretty floral yoga pants can be found here and here.

4.Floral Yoga Pants Part 2
4.Floral Yoga Pants Part 2I’ve never seen designs like these, but turns out, these are just a different kind of floral design. So here you go, a whole new kind of floral yoga pants. Depending on the color scheme you choose, these will look great all year round. You can pick the ones you like here.

5.Disney Yoga Pants
5.Disney Yoga PantsIf you’re a huge Disney fan, these yoga pants are exactly what you’ve been looking for. They’re cute, they’re bright, they will look equally awesome if you choose to wear them to the gym or just every day. Plus, you’re bound to get lots of compliments. Who doesn’t like Disney?
You can get yourself these awesome Bambi yoga pants here.

6.Hipster Yoga Pants
6.Hipster Yoga PantsWhat could possibly be more hipster than arrows, triangles and obscure band references. Don’t get me wrong, Joy Division isn’t an obscure band, it’s just that when you have that design on yoga pants it takes an extra second to realize what it is. These hipster yoga pants are easy to come by, just google it, and you’ll find loads.

7.Fandom Leggings
8.Fandom LeggingsGeeky is the new sexy. We all pride ourselves on being part of some fandom. Some of us might be Potterheads, others are Whovians, some are lifelong fans of Lord Of The Rings. Or maybe you think you belong to many fandoms. Either way, one thing’s for sure – there’s definitely yoga pants for you. You can get these Harry Potter yoga pants here and LOTR ones here.

8.Animal Print
9.Animal PrintLeopard and zebra prints are things of the past, there’s better ways to showcase animal prints. If you love animals and want everyone to know it, get yourself some awesome yoga pants like these. The fox print leggings can be found here and the cat ones here.

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